Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 8 on Island of Eua

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve had a good week and yeah I know pretty crazy isn’t it that I’m starting week nine in Tonga already, week 15 in total, and 96 days since I was dropped off at the MTC. Time is flying.

I’m glad mom had such a fun time in New York for the parade.
I bet that was a ton of fun, but thanks for having it for me because I
know I’m probably never going to be caught dead at huge parade like
that. It made me happy reading about all of the things you were able
to do this week in New York with Angie and back at home with

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and his church, my childhood, growing up in conditions that I was fortunate enough to have, my life experiences so far, my family, and my friends. I’m so grateful for all of these things. I been really blessed, although I didn’t necessarily realize just how much until I started serving out here. I’m thankful for all of you guys. Fafanga was good, we stuffed ourselves full of sapa sui and chicken. Probably as good a Tongan Thanksgiving as they come.

I wish I could see the Christmas lights all strung up at home. This week we found what may be the only Christmas tree in all of Eua at a super tiny store, and bought it before anyone else could with the rest of the money that we had. We may not have enough money for food if a fafanga falls through but we have a Christmas tree and lights so who cares. Check it out!

My body feels pretty good. I’m feeling much better, just getting acclimated to the food still I guess. I’ve been craving mint chocolate cliff protein builder bars really bad. I’m doing well and Iove all the pictures you guys send. Keep em coming.

I am doing well. This weeks been really good. I had two really cool teaching experiences this week. The gift of tongues is awesome. and the scriptures are great. Personal study is the best.

Love ya, Tay

On the way to Fafanga we saw some amazing clouds, they are so cool

At one of our appointments Ray decided to climb a tree and get us some coconuts, we were glad he didnt fall.

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