Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 7 on Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

How are you doing? I’ve had a pretty good week this past week. I’m
sending some more pictures today but they are not as great as last week. I’m glad that  Angie was able to visit and that mom you get to go to the Macy’s  Day Parade. I know you’ve always wanted to do that.

We actually are buying a Christmas tree out here too. We found one at the tiny mini stores they have here, and Erickson has Christmas lights for it.

The language fast that we started last week has gone well. I can tell that it is helping me to learn the language quickly. And every night I give thanks for everything. Tonga does that to you. Living with nothing, and people that have literally nothing makes me really grateful for everything that I grew up with.
The simplest things that you would never think of are incredible luxuries out here, like drinkable water, or a roof, or a floor, or a bathroom, a tennis ball. I was really lucky growing up. Kids play with sticks and spare tires for fun here.

I love you Mom and Dad. I’m glad that you guys are doing well and Mom I hope that you have a blast in NY with Angie this week.

Love, Tay

When one of our appointments had fallen through, we stopped to sit on a cement thing in a coconut tree field to figure out what we were going to do. I was thirsty so we grabbed a fallen coconut and cut it open with Elder Ericksons pocket knife. I think it is cool that we can just grab something on the ground and drink it without much trouble.

The food was dang good, the fish was probably one of the best tasting fish I've ever consumed. It was a whole fish too, scales, teeth and all. I'm getting really good at gutting fish with my hands. Check it out, after I ate the mouth muscles I made chomping movements with the teeth and remaining jaw towards Elder Erickson hah. It was really good.

Another picture of one of the houses out here.

Fuahau started eating our flowers. He seemed to enjoy them so I decided to give them a try, and they were pretty good. They tasted sour like how a not quite ripe small blueberry would taste.

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  1. Love how gratitude is coming into the picture. We do have so much. Don't eat any poison berries though!!