Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 5 on Island of Eua

Hey Guys,

I was really glad to read all of your emails and see all of the
pictures that you sent this week. I miss you guys. This week has been
a lot rougher than usual. I was glad to hear about how
much you guys liked my journal and everything. I had some really cool
stuff happen yesterday. A mute man wouldn’t let go of my hand and
started crying when we had to leave and I asked the woman if it would
be okay if we gave him a blessing, but they said no. So we left and I
felt awful. Fifteen minutes or so later I said we needed to turn
around and go back to give him a blessing. So we got back and I asked
a second time and they said yes and I gave him a blessing of comfort
and when we left he smile and wasn’t crying or groaning or any of the
things he did the first time. It was really cool. You’ll read about it
next week probably because I didnt have a lot of time this week. Im
sorry about that. Oh yeah Im getting a ukulele on friday which is
awesome. I’ve been really sick today. I think someone gave us unfiltered water yesterday and I am really not feeling well at all.

This weeks been good overall though. A lot slower than
the past weeks. The internet here is really slow. Its taken me like
fifteen to twenty minutes to get this much to show up. All of the boys
emails were shorter. Ill make sure to try and send you guys the
journal in a little bit once it loads.

I love you guys,

Love Tay 

 Here are some pics for you

                                                          trapped in the jungle

 A bit he sent us from his journal… 

Ok so the ward activity was awesome. A ton of members brought their non- member friends and we taught the restoration to everyone. Beforehand I prayed for the gift of tongues and the gift of discernment for when it came to my time to speak. Those gifts are real. My companion turned to me to continue the lesson after he finished teaching about the apostasy, all of which I understood somehow, and then I taught and asked questions and replied to responses for a good five to six minutes. I didn’t stutter or take long pauses to think how to form sentences or anything, I just spoke. It was awesome. I went over the restoration through Joseph Smith and the translation and production of the Book of Mormon. And then at the end I testified of everything we taught and the power of sincere prayer. It was great. I walked out of there and felt amazing. Heavenly Father really does answer everyone’s sincere prayers.  I’ve also noticed in the Book of Mormon lately that everything happens according to the faith of the people, or the person seeking whatever it is they are after. God works according to faith. I’ve felt that working here too. Anyway, that lesson went really well and I felt awesome afterwards. My companion said my grammar was great as well. I definitely had some help in there.

The people here just sit in random places to do things, so I decided to give it a try.

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