Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 4 on Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

How are you doing? It sounds like Halloween was really fun yesterday with everyone.
Wish I could be there to join in on all of the festivities.The language is coming very well actually.
I do about half of all the teaching now. I can understand most everything except for when they start to talk really quickly in meetings and sacrament and what not. Tongan is way easier than spanish
actually because its so simple. No conjugations nothing like that.

We are getting a ton of work done. We have over 19 investigators that
we are working with right now. Appointments out the wazoo. This week
has gone by really quickly. Unfortunately I only had enough time to
get weeks 1-3 to you guys this week but you’ll get my journal for this
past week and this coming week next Sunday.

I am doing really well right now. We’ve had a couple really cool
experiences lately too. I wrote about one at the end of week three so
you guys will have to read that. I shared my journal with mom through google
drive by the way. Its in a zip file. Hope you guys like pictures, and I loved
the pictures you guys sent me out. Keep'em coming.

And my companion is pretty cool. He’s very strict and obedient which is a
good thing but can be annoying at times when its pitch black out and
everyones lights are off but its not nine o clock yet. He’s cool
though. You’ll read more about him in my journals.

Alright I have to go now. I love you guys and hope you are doing well.

Love you Mom, love you Dad,

Love, Tay

a couple parts of his journal entries he sent us: 

Today we went around with a boy named Sione. He's seven years old and told us he wanted to show us the area. Haha so today we went to pick him up and he was dressed exactly like us, tupenu, kava, taovala, everything, it was funny. He took us to a bunch of members houses and let us introduce ourselves. Then took us to non members it was funny how excited he was. It was cute. We gave him a pineapple Fanta for his work.

We took a truck over to Ohonua for some baptisms, and this time we traveled luxuriously, we had seats. Haha it was actually the best riding accomodation I've had while in Eua.

Oh yeah While working out today all of the little neighborhood kids, ages 4-6,came out to the courts and just mimicked us the whole time and made fun of us. They would do lunges next to me and try and push me during them. It was pretty funny.

More exploring on my P-day. Enjoy the pics.

Some cool pics from the cliffs

Picture of me laying down on edge of cliff taking a pic of the ocean behind, these pics should be attached to each other.

A picture from above of some of the houses on Eua.

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  1. Wow!! It certainly looks like paradise! Love the truck ride!