Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 63 in Pangai for Christmas

Happy Birthday Taylor! 20 years old this week

Hey Mom, I'm doing good. Its crazy to me to think that I'm twenty tomorrow. Still don't really believe it. I'll be here in Pangai for christmas. I don't have any idea when I will skype though, could be on friday, saturday, or sunday for you guys. Its hard cuz its not my area, I'm basically just depending on the zones here. Also, transfers are on christmas day, and so I dont know if we are going to be able to skype on monday(your christmas) or not since people might be moving, in that case we'll probably try to skype on christmas eve for us, the 23rd for you guys. Who knows. Just be ready haha. I miss christmas back home. Next year is going to be the best. 

Hey Dad,  I'm doing good. I was happy to hear about the shyba game and you calling out play names that dont exist during the game. I miss stuff like that. Everyone says that sister Pupunu has sister Reids personality (who's freaking awesome, who I was in Eua with) I've been wanting to meet her for a while now, but shes in Vava'u so not yet. I'm doing better, not sick but still feel weird. I was in Ha'afeva the last two days with Elder Gardiner and its been way fun. I dont know if you know who he is or not, but hes in my intake, hes way cool and we think the same way about stuff, business and ideas and so on.. so its been really fun the past couple of days. Gardiners from vernal, and has grown up going to Flaming Gorge also. 

This last transfer has been by far my hardest transfer on the whole mission.  Its been so frustrating. My companion gets angry faster than anyone I've ever met. I've learned more humility and patience this transfer alone than I think I have in the past two years. I wish I would've had this transfer before I was a leader because now I handle things entirely differently than how I used to. I'm ready for a  transfer. Anyway, I cant wait to hear about the Christmas day ping pong tournament, Dad you better win again. 
I cant wait to skype. Its going to be so nice. 
Love you, Tay

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 62 on the Island of Nomuka

Hello! This is Elder Enos as a scribe for Elder DeSpain (once again). I made it back to Nomuka and I've been sick all week. I think it's strep. It's been a rough week. This has probably been my hardest transfer. I just can't wait for Christmas and Skype. I'm glad you all are still working on the Mazda. I'm hoping it's still there when I get home. That's exciting that SHYBA started. It feels like yesterday that Jack and I were playing on the same team. Sounds like fun.I hope you're doing well, and I hope you're having fun preparing for Christmas. Tell Jack, Hogan and Luke to eat extra caramels for me. I love you a lot, and I miss you so much.


Just an old picture of your son with my camera. No worries, he asked me to send this!  -Elder Enos

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week 61 on the Island of Nomuka

This picture popped up on Facebook this week, Always fun to see your missionary.

Hey Mom and Dad, 

I'm doing alright, the mission tour was fun. My favorite part was just getting to hangout with people that speak English and having fun with the other elders. Right now I'm in Ha'afeva with two other missionaries because my comp is flying to Tonga tomorrow to get his tooth fixed, so I won't even get back to my area for at the very least another week.  It's cool that dad is coaching Jack and Hogan in basketball.  That will be fun, especially with the Grollers too. I've been thinking a whole ton about the future this past week. I can't wait to get back and eat Taco Bell on the way home and just relax with all of you guys. No one ever talks about how hard and stressful missionary work is but they should, I'm exhausted and I'm not going to lie Taco Bell sounds really freaking good right now. I'm excited to get back. Elder Gardner and I have been talking about the future, college is going to be fun. I hope Luke's hands are healing and feeling better. Glad to hear you are doing well. 
Love you, Tay