Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 68 in Ha'apai

Good week this week. 

Monday- Found a room full of baseball bats and catchers gear at the stake center. Got some swings in. That felt soo good. Interviewed with President before our meeting Tuesday. Monday night we taught a guy named Sione at our Pisopes house. Interesting guy, and interesting questions.

Tuesday- Woke up to a phonecall from the Uiha elders asking me to do a baptismal interview for them an hour from then. So we walked to Pangai to the PPO to meet with the missionaries there before the interview. President Tui’one called us into their place and President Fetani pulled out a pig from the oven for all four of us to eat for breakfast. So that was great. I love President so much. He's the man. Our zone meeting that day was awesome too. At the end, President Fetani brought out his clippers and had all the missionaries whom he thought had long hair sit down and get a buzz cut. Only in this mission. Our Presidency is the best. Later that day we followed up with one of our new investigators, the cool story about the lotofefeka couple that we found last week that got deleted in the email last week, they kept their commitments, so that was sweet. Have I mentioned how awesome our Pisope is? He’s great, so helpful. Later that night, we had the opportunity to teach a family about the restoration. Sina’s family, I think I wrote about them before. Anyway, that was awesomeeee. I love teaching so much. Teaching people like this is one of the most fun exciting things I've ever done, If I could just teach the gospel to people like them and get paid… forget college, I'd be perfectly happy to just do this for a living the rest of my life. I love teaching so much it’s the best. 

Wednesday- Paita told us “I just don’t want you guys to go around tiring yourselves teaching about your church all day long, and then go to hell anyway” hahaha I love hearing people like that. Funny. We passed some girls around the church and I asked if they were going to the church dance later in the night, and one of the girls responded “if you guys will be there” hahahaha. 

Thursday- Talked to a boy at a door side, who was being the spokesperson for his mom in the corner out of view, I finally asked the boy what his moms name was and he turned to her for an answer and then responded to me “fefine” (woman) hahaha. So I said Hey, Woman, how are you? Would you like to… etc… and she yelled NO louder than ive ever heard before. Dang. We ate a really good fafanga at the Café in Ha’apai, and even got a new investigator out of the owner there. Shes a golden investigator, its awesome. What else is also awesome, she told us to teach her every Wednesday night, and that before we talk they will make us free dinner (three course meals!!!) so awesome. Haven't eaten food like that in a while. The appetizer was like sashimi. Delicious. The food I'm going to miss most from Tonga is ota ika. So good. On the walk back, I saw the guy that I talked to for forty minutes on the plane ride over to Ha’apai three months ago and talked to him again for a while. That was a cool run in. 

Friday- Met Troy Palamalus personal pig preparing man. He gave us twenty bucks. That was cool.

Saturday- Learned a ton about really cool revelation doctrine. Personal revelation and visions type stuff. Great talk. Joseph Smiths Prophetic Ministry has been regularly listened to this past week. Learning so much. 

Sunday- A little boy showed up to church wearing a “Help the economy, Legalize marijuana” t-shirt. Thought that was pretty funny. Our WML gave a speech on missionary work, and it was insane. Little bit crazy. We have a very very very passionate ward mission leader. His talk was loud, insane and very straightforward. Some people were laughing because it was so crazy and wild. We’ve got a great ward mission leader haha. Our pisope is the man. So awesome. Called us at 10:15 pm to tell us that he just finished talking to the stake president to get him to fellowship one of the investigators we just told him about. Great pisope, very good week. Love being a missionary. 

Love you guys,  Tay

Going to miss these Sunsets

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