Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 69 in Ha'apai

This weeks been good.

Monday- Realized I've got six months until I fly home, so I started a more diligent workout program in the mornings. (and I stuck with it every day this week). 

Tuesday- Found three new houses to teach. The third we met because I was joking around with the kids about lifting the cement weights in the front yard. Had a great lesson with another investigating family also. 

Wednesday- Found out that Elder Taufa, Xaviers companion from the MTC, is from this area! I know his Dad, and we live on his sisters property! Pretty cool. We also taught a lady named Melaia and awesome lesson, and she gobbled it up. Golden investigator. Really fun. 

Thursday- A family with probably ten kids let us in and we taught them all about the atonement. That was fun. All ten of em were just lined up sitting crosslegged in front of us on the floor. Good stuff. 

Friday- Interviewed the zones investigator, who was mentally handicapped. So that was an interesting interview. Nice girl though. We taught another family the plan of salvation and then afterwards the family with ten kids that we taught on thursday had us come and eat fish with them. Really good fish. Even cut down two coconuts for us to drink. 

Saturday- Went to a house that stood out to me earlier in the day and ended up teaching the plan of salvation to two college aged kids there, that was fun. That night, Grant and I stayed up pretty late talking, and then I felt pretty weird and asked Grant if the door was locked. So he got up and locked it and then he said that he was thinking the same thing. Then the next morning Grant told me that he couldnt sleep for a good while cuz of a super loud swooshing noise like a huge gust of wind going through the trees at the same time outside. 

Sunday- Pisope asked us to speak last minute, so I spoke about the book of Enos and signs of true conversion. It was good. 2nd hour we taught a less active lesson one. 

We've done really well with the melons this past month. Over twenty we think. Thats more than one every other day. Everyone just keeps giving them to us. We havent gone a single day without a melon in the fridge or one on the ground because the other melon is occupying the fridge. Thats a good month for you. 

Anyway, good week. Hope you guys are all doing well, love Tay. 

ps. Sorry no pics again. Internet is super slow

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