Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 71 in Ha'apai

This past week was great. Summary of what happened, plus the week before since I didn’t say anything last week. 

Tuesday 31st- Got food poisoning.

Wednesday 1st - Suffered from food poisoning, then at 5:30 pm I decided I was done with food poisoning and so I asked Grant to give me a blessing and “just heal me now, not eventually”. So he gave me the blessing and I felt better. But then later in the day I had to decide whether or not I felt well enough to go to a family home evening with Pisope. Still wasn’t feeling amazing, but I decided it would be a test of my faith in the blessing, and that afterwards I would most definitely feel way better, because that’s how it works right? Faith and works before results. I thought for sure it would work. Then I got home from the family home evening and experienced the most violent projectile combinations of sickness I never imagines possible at the same time. Lesson learned, not my will be done… 

Thursday 2nd- Got over sickness eventually. That night Grant and I talked until 4:30 am about a bunch of stuff. Didn’t even realize it. Good talks.

Friday 3rd- First day with the new missionary schedule. Pretty cool. That night we had to do a vilo hoa so that we could get to all of our teachings. I taught at our stake Presidents house w/ Elder Gardiner. It was an awesome lesson. Haha at one point I told our President “thank you for your repentance” instead of thank you for your explanation” because the words are so similar. Also in that lesson Elder Gardiner, instead of saying “na’e fai e sisu ha ngaahi mana” or “jesus did many miracles” he said “na’e fai mana e sisu” or “jesus did magic” hahahaha. It was a great lesson though. Afterwards Gardiner and I went back to the MQ to wait for the other guys to finish up and we just talked and so on, at one point he asked me what some noise was and I responded “The wind keeps knocking my thing off the thing” and he busted up laughing and said “you’ve been in tonga too long” hahaha. True true. (cuz everythings interpretive with things in tongan).

Sunday 5th- Got out of the shower and found a little boy named Mosese clipping his fingernails at our table. What the heck. He just walked in out of nowhere. 

Tuesday – For fafanga we bought jam and peanut butter at the store so that we could make pb&j sandwiches! So we were really excited about that. Also, that night, we had to do another vilo hoa to teach two lessons at the same time. So Elder Hau and I went to Saia Taufa’s house (the dad of Xaviers mtc comp), and we taught their investigator the gospel of Christ. Haha, during that lesson, I messed up the joke I sometimes use when teaching enduring to the end really really bad. Instead of saying “kapau ko ia, mahalo pe te tau viviku he taimi kotoa” or “if that was it, we would always be wet” (talking about how being rebaptized is unnecessary), I said “kapau koi a, te ke viku he taimi kotoa” or “if that was it, you’d be peeing all the time” hahaha. 

Thursday – Discovered that ranch and breakfast crackers tastes like croutons. Delicious. 

Sunday – Bunch of great teachings and tons of new bapitismal dates set up. Good stuff. 
Great week. 

Love you guys, Tay

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