Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 67 in Hihifo, Ha'apai

This week has been great. Brief overview:

Pday- I was able to put all of my pictures and videos from july to now onto the new harddrive last pday, so that was great. Finally dont have to worry about losing all of the flashdrives and memos I had gathered up. I put 68 gigs onto it. Then later that night, I cut Grants hair. I didnt tell him it was my first time cutting a white persons hair, then the clippers we were using sucked, so after taking off a chunk of his head, I had to finish the job with a pair of scissors and my own two hands. I'd seen mom do it a bunch so I figured that it couldnt be so hard. You wouldn't have been able to tell by my face that I'd never done it before, I just acted like I cut hair with scissors all the time. I dont think Grant noticed. It turned out pretty well. Grants head looks very nice right now. Later that day we ate roasted puaka at our fafanga.. delicious! and then getting back to the mq, I decided that my own head needed a haircut, but I didn't trust Grant to do the job. So I cut my own hair with just scissors and a mirror. Ended up cutting off a ton of hair. But it turned out really well. I'll include a pic if I can. 

Tuesday- Sneaked into our members massive walk in ice maker machine thing again because it was soo hot out. A girl in a nearby tree asked us "Hey! Whats your name?!" and then followed with "What's name your mom?!" -Becky. Kind of funny/interesting.

Wednesday- Here's the coolest part of the week, extract from my journal- sorry guys, just spent thirty minutes typing this all up and then the net crashed and can't get it back. All in all it was a really cool testimony experience with two people that just wanted to bible bash and it was awesome and we left being best friends. 

Thursday- We ate a whole cow leg on a plate for fafanga.

Friday- We witnessed a dog fight that was out of this world. They looked like lions trying to kill antelope, it was crazy. Found out from our Pisopes wife, that in Tongan weddings, the grooms uncle on his mom's side, He becomes the chair for the groom for the whole wedding. He literally sits cross legged and the groom sits on top of him for all meals and everything. Interesting/weird. So be ready Stan. Haha

I also got a letter from the Biermanns? thanking me for my service. I have no idea who they are, but apparently they just converted to the church back home. So that was cool. 

Saturday- Confrontation with a naked drunk man who wanted us to go and get him a small bottle of kava. I also found out that President Tupou had a rule that missionaries could only travel on steel or carbon fiber boats while going over the ocean cuz it can be so dangerous. So my trip to Nomuka on that tiny tongan wood boat was truly one of a kind, at least for the last four years. Thats cool.

anyway great week. Love you guys, Tay

Also sorry, internet is taking forever and dont think I'll get a pic out. 

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