Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 64 in Nomuka, not able to email. Week 65 in Hihifo, Ha'apai.

Christmas celebration in Pangai

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I've been transferred from Nomuka, my experience there wasn't bad. The branch over there was great and it certainly made me realize how fortunate I've been. The water in our shower came out green, so we had to shower outside everynight. I ate a lot of raw stuff, it was a cool experience. Made me very grateful for civilization. 

Man I missed you guys a ton over there. Still miss you guys a lot. 

On Christmas, just before our phonecall, we baptized three kids in the ocean. That was cool. It was sooooo awesome to hear all of you guy's voices, especially Hogans (Sheens from Jimmy Neutron). Transfers were announced that night, and it was one of the most nerve racking nights of my whole mission by far. Especially when the rumors and phonecalls started from other missionaries. Finally--- the APs called us and gave us the transfer. We both left. I was told "you will be serving in Hihifo in Ha'apai, with Elder Kalanite". I was so freaking happy to hear that. Kalanite btw is Elder Grant, the third Elder from Westlake Highschool that I've been comps with now. Erickson, Tafoya, and now Grant. He's the guy whose mom posted that cool pic of the stars. So that was awesome to hear and I was super pumped about that. 

Last P-day, our ward in Nomuka went on a ward picnic to a different island across from Nomuka. That was soooo freaking nice. Nicest beach I've ever been to in my entire life. The sand was so fine and the waters were so clear and sky blue. So awesome. We put up volleyball nets and one of the guys climbed coconut trees and got coconuts for everyone, it was great. Some guys went diving and came back with fish for us to ota. This time, literally just being handed a fish straight from the ocean with some lateral knife cuts on the side... I felt a lot like gollum while eating it. But it was good. We saw a water snake on the boatride back to Nomuka that was cool. That night we got on the shipping boat at 1:20 am to go back to Ha'apai. Fell asleep on the floor outside next to the railing with everyone else riding the boat. Woke up and Tutone was gone... so I had a great conversation with my neighbor aisle sleepers until he came back. As we were pulling into the Pangai harbor tuesday morning around 8, we saw a whole family of dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water alongside the boat. Soooo cool. Wish I had gotten it on camera. Probably thirty or so dolphins. Met up with Grant, dropped people off at the airport with Gardiner and hung out with him for a good while. Pizza!! And then eventually Grant and I got dropped to our new MQ. It was freaking filthy, disgusting. We went straight to the store and bought as much cleaning supplies as we could. Then cleaned for upwards of four hours. I learned the real power of wet wipes and determination. Scrubbed the walls and floor of the bathroom for so long and so hard that they went from stained mustard yellow to white, and my arms were sore for the next two days. 

On Wednesday we met our Penticosi neighbors, and I saw that they had a misini Fo, so I decided right then to get really close with them. We went over and talked to Paea there for a long time and got her to like us, so I asked if they had anything to "hoka fo" (idk what thats called in english, stab clothes?), and then boom, "oh you guys can just use our brand new laundry machine anytime".  So that was a great win this week. Met a lot of really cool new people, had a bonfire from the last elders that just left everything here. 

That night, we went to the store to get a whole bunch of stuff, and got a truck ride on the way back... Man it felt so freaking good. The whole walk and the truck ride back reminded me sooo much of Eua. Its the best. I feel like the type of missionary that I was in Eua and it just feels like Eua. It is the best feeling ever. I've missed that, I love it. 

The rest of the week has been great. Getting to know everyones always fun. Listened to a lot of awesome lectures too. The lectures on faith, a five hour discourse by Truman G. Madsen about Joseph Smith, and other really cool stuff. On Friday, on our way back from the wharf, we got to an intersection and I saw a seventh day adventist church and something made me think about the referral that Gardiner gave us the other day that we hadn't been able to contact yet. So I decided that we'd turn at that road and look for him. Within literally three minutes we were sitting down talking with the guy inside his house. That was cool. Our visiting was great, it was so spiritual, I hope he will be baptized. 

Saturday morning was great. Gardiner came and picked us up for breakfast. We made bacon and eggs and sausage and blueberry pancakes at the church buildings management building thing in Pangai. BEST breakfast and time I have had in forever. It was the best. SO much fun. And such great food. It was sooo awesome to eat that type of stuff again. "Think about how many americans are eating this right now and taking it for granted". I can't wait to be in school with Jack. Hopefully we are close by during school, and can do a ton of stuff together. I'm as excited for that as much as getting home. 

During church I thought about my Dad and John Digiondominico texting each other during conference calls and giving each other odd/funny words to say in the conference call hahaha. Our stake president is awesome also. He's the man. Going to teach me how to make lu on friday. Also ate four lu's at his house yesterday, really good. I'll make lu for us all when I get home. I'm so excited  for the future and college and dating and so on, going to be fun. 

I'm loving it right now and doing really well. I should be getting my packages tomorrow morning off off the boat too. That will be good. 

I'm way excited for this coming transfer. Also, Grants really cool. Feels like being back with Erickson almost. Good stuff. 

I hope everyone back home is doing great.

Love you guys, Tay

Service project the week of Christmas

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  1. Oh Taylor, you sound great!! Love hearing how happy you are!!!