Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 66 in Hihifo, Ha'apai

Hey Everyone,

Brief run down of the week. sorry, short on time and energy:

Monday: Had an awesome lesson with a small family of four in our ward mission leaders home. It was great. We taught the plan of salvation and the woman seemed to be consuming every word we spoke. That was really cool. That night we ate Lu puaka!! Delicious.

Tuesday: Made the goal for no more tv watching when I get home.

Wednesday: My packages came! with everything inside too! That was really nice. Consumed the Mike and Ikes and Beef Jerky and chocolate faster than I thought possible. So great. Mikes and Ikes are my favorite. Very grateful for that package. All gone now. We went to go and help this guy build his house, but we got there when they were having lunch break, Kuli ki ai!!! delicious. We had to leave after that though so we basically just went to a service project and ate great food... Later that day Gardiner gave me the Skinfills christmas card, that was nice to hear from them.

Thursday: Slept on a mattress that felt like it was made out of solid wood. Elder Tautua'a mixed up a real mattress for that stuff you put a mattress on top of... So thats nice... I don't mind it anymore though. Also thursday, we found a refrigerated shipping container on the road at the side of one of our members houses, crept inside and chilled in there for a bit, felt like heaven. It was pitch black inside though, then one of our members opened the door to get something out of it and was startled to see us both standing in the entrance hahah. That night we rearranged the mq to make more space. Grants bed is in the closet now hahaha. First closet I've ever had on the mission before btw, it actually works out really well as weird as it sounds, much better.  

Friday: President Tonga'onevai instructed us how to make lu. That was fun. Later that day I got sick, we got back to the mq and listened to the book series "Tennis shoes among the nephites" until around noon the next day when I felt like not throwing up. That book series is way good btw. Grant and I are listening to book #3 now haha. 

Saturday: Ran into the crazy viliami guy again. This time he walked with us to the intersection and then stopped and turned to us "Is it okay if I talk to you guys?" - "yes"- Then he stopped, took his hat off with both his hands and held it in his arms in front of him, looking down he said  "I, I, I am so sorry guys. I am just so sorry... I am so sorry because I have sinned. Sinned a lot."  Grant and I were happy to hear that he wanted to talk to us and tried to help him.

Sunday: Felt like my face was going to melt off. Sooo hot and humid over here. So hot that it looked like we just got out of a pool in missionary attire. At one point in the day I said "Grant, we are so sweaty I can see through your shirt. Thats your nipple right there, and then I pointed at it and grant looked down and was like yupp, that is my nipple indeed." Soooooo incredibly hot. Ridiculously hot. If people say that you get a more beautiful wife for working in the rain, I say I should get twice the beautiful for working in this heat all day. The rain would be nice. 

Oh yeah, another thing, we've averaged a watermelon a day since we've gotten here. Ten watermelons have already been given to us in under two weeks. Thats got to be reaching a record of some sort. We're going to see how far it goes. 

So thats life right now. Love you guys, Love Tay 

Sorry no pics this week, I'll try again next week.

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