Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 60 on the Island of Nomuka

Elder Hau and I

Hey guys, 

Its actually me today, we got a members smart phone and decided to pay for internet, so here I am.

It sounds like you guys had a good thanksgiving weekend. I totally forgot that it was thanksgiving this past week. I still remember last thanksgiving eating at Tuifios house in Tongamama'o. Crazy how fast time flies.  I'll have to see Dr. Strange when I get back. its going to be a fun time. Tonight we are getting up at twelve to go and take a boat to get onto a big shipping boat in order to get to the mission tour in Ha'apai this coming week. Were going to be in Ha'apai until saturday I'm pretty sure. Which I'm excited for because I'll be able to hangout with Gardner for most of the week which will be nice. The island here is pretty tiny I'm realizing. Really really tiny, and there arent that many people. We can visit all of the members in under 2 hours haha. We get to all of 'em once every day. There is only 10 families in the branch. I made otai for the first time on friday. So that was cool. I'll have to make it for all of us when I get back. Not much has really happened though besides that. Oh yeah, I found out last week when i was in the office that my kau hu finishes July 22... thats when I will be flying home. Craziness. For some reason one of the short transfers we had due to the native speakers time changing in the mtc has finally caught up with us and pushed forward everyones release dates in the mission that entered before the MTC change. So now I'm coming home more than a month less than two years. Crazy. 

Something that my week here has shown me so far, more so than all my other areas, is how incredibly fortunate and blessed I've been growing up. I feel like I've gotten used to and adapted to the humble living conditions pretty well out here in Tonga, and then every once and a while I'll realize I'm sitting in a building with half a roof missing and with dirt for floor, or pumping water from the nearby swamp into our water tank to shower with, or be eating kapa pulu off of the floor for lack of plates, and I'll think to myself "what the heck, this is crazy". I'm so grateful for the life that you guys gave me. I've been so blessed. 

This past week I read the whole book of genesis and a fourth of exodus. Learned a ton, the byu study books really help out too. Good stuff. I'm doing well, starting to get more and more excited to come home, but I think thats just cuz of this tiny island and not speaking english literally ever. I cant wait to finally just have a full on good conversation in english again. So this week will be good in Pangai. 

Love you guys, excited to hear from everyone else. 

Ofa atu, Tay

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  1. Oh how I love you Taylor! So incredibly proud and grateful to call you my grandson. Keep up the good work.