Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 56 in Tonga

Overview of this past week:

Tuesday: Started our vilo hoa with the APs. I went with Hosea and Leka went with Pakalani. The vilo was awesome. We drove over to Holonga and talked to a bunch of missionaries there after their district meeting. I talked to Elder Hau, and Tavake and a bunch of great guys. I also lost my nice ta'ovala, kafa, and tie to those guys haha. It is what it is. The APs work in Liahona now so we went over there and I literally went door knocking for the first time in my whole mission. House to house, across lawns. It was weird, felt like I was serving in a different country. Also while in Liahona, Elder Va'enuku played his guitar for us, he is super good. Taught a really good lesson there with Hosea, and then after fafanga we drove to Tofoa to talk to Sulunga. Love that guy. Sulunga is the man. That night, we got back to the office really late, so we just decided to all sleep at the mission dorms. It was great. Elder Gardner and I and Hosea talked for forever. It was by far probably the best night of the past couple transfers. 

Wednesday: So Gardner is going to Niua next transfer, and Prez told him to pick his companion since he wants him to get along with his comp out there on a tiny island away from everyone. So I was talking to him about it, and he was saying how fun it would be, but then he told me "you're a zone bro, you can't". If it worked out it would be great, but probably isn't going to happen.  That night we had a teaching, and at the end of it during the prayer I had the coolest feeling of peace and purpose. Put me at ease here in Fahefa.

Oh yeah, Elder Leka wants to grow up and look for aliens and mermaids for a living. He's dead serious too.

Thursday: Vilo hoa with Elder Enos. Enos is the man. Its amazing to me that when I came from Eua to Tonga, he was still being trained, and now, after next transfer, he will have been out as long as I have left. Crazy stuff. Time is going bye so quickly. 

Friday: Enos and I boiled eggs and cooked buns using the iron. Good breakfast. That night Leka argued to me in complete seriousness how he "knows" that unicorns and mermaids are real, because he saw it on the news....

Saturday: Ive officially decided I'm naming one of my kids after Siope Piukana. He's the man, fifteen years old and probably the coolest kid I've ever met in my whole life. He made us banana bread yesterday night for us haha. Was way good too. 

Sunday: OTA IKA KI AI!! Love eating ota ika. Third week in a row. Heck yea.

Love you guys, Have a good week, Tay

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