Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 57 in Tonga

Hey everyone,

Thats awesome that the cubs won the world series, wish I could've seen that. I hope the Eagles will do better next year. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. Looks like Halloween was fun also.

l almost forgot to mention last week that Prince Ata almost hit us with his truck near Liahona. That would've been a cool story.

Here is a quick update of last week:

Tuesday: Great conversation with one of our investigators named Kava. Leka gave me a haircut.

Wednesday: Great studies with the Book of Mormon and Hugh Nibley. The guy knows so much. I read along and listened to his hour long lectures on a chapter or two. Learning a ton. Its crazy how much cultural detail the Book of Mormon gives when Lehi’s family was traveling in the wilderness that Hugh Nibs expands on. There’s no way that Joseph Smith could have known all of that stuff. Really cool. 
     Nancy, one of our recent converts, told me she thought I was 25, also she admitted to hiding from us and telling kids to tell us that "she went to the gym" when we first started teaching her. Goes to show what persistence is worth. Now she goes to the mission prep class. 

Thursday: We gave one of the sisters a blessing with President Tui'one. That was pretty cool. 

Friday: Halloween activity

Saturday: Craziest storm I've ever witnessed.

Sunday: The time changed in Tonga so no one showed up to church haha.

Today: About to go eat the dogs in Utulau that were prepared for our PDay. FIVE DOGS!!!! 

Cant wait for transfers this coming week. Praying, I leave this place and go back to the outer islands. 

Ofa Atu, Tay

Here is the only pic that turned out this week. This is Elder Leka

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