Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 42 in Tonga

Hey everyone, 

Life is good. We're really busy. Lots of Teachings. I'm loving it out here. 

Last monday after we finished some laundry and other planning we headed to the beach for the afternoon. We played volleyball with Tuikolovatu, Vailea, Betteridge and Bever, and then some 2 vs. 2 rugby with the other elders. It was lots of fun afterwards Vailea climbed a coconut tree for us and got us a bunch of coconuts to break open and drink. A littler later we got to go to a Tongan wedding celebration for an old AP in the mission, the one that trained President Tupou, so that was really cool. There were dancers and delicious food and the place was at a beach resort so the view was amazing too. Plus we got to talk to President and Sister Tupou again. 
     We had a family home evening this week at the Sitalekis. They have an awesome family. Leki is such a great head of the household. I have so much respect for this guy, he doesn't speak much but he is wise beyond his years. He's very quiet, observant, and humble. Great example and just a really cool guy.  We had lots of other family home evenings this week as well.
     We had a couple more lessons this week with a friend of Leki's. The lessons went really well. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Me'eki accepted our baptismal invitation. He will be baptized on August 6th. He's great! 
     We drove to the northern most tip of Tonga. We took some really cool pics, it was really pretty. You could see the Northern Islands from the tip, looked beautiful. 

Things are good. Miss you all. 

Love all of you guys, Elder DeSpain

P-day beach time. 

Coconuts Elder Vailea climbed to get for us. 

Pics from the ride to the Northern tip of the island. 

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