Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 43 in Tonga

Whatsup everyone, 

This week has been awesome. One of my favorite weeks out on the mission. 
     Last p-day was kind of busy because we had to do a whole ton of things for the APs and the mission office, we also taught a lesson in Kanokupolu right in the middle of it, so that was that. Oh yeah I also hit a dog with the car on monday, just his head. I swear they're trying to get killed, so stupid. He's fine though I think, just knicked him.

Tuesday, President and Sister Tui'one joined in on our district meeting in te'ekiu, so that was awesome. We went over baptismal invitations and I basically taught them all what we need to be doing. How to get them to say yes after just having said no by explaining some things and so on. It was really cool. During the meeting President said "I have something to add, Elder DeSpain, Stand up." then he said "Elder Tuikolovatu and Elder Vailea, is there anything you notice about him?- This is how missionaries should look every day." Haha that was cool/funny. Then Tuha and I drove to another district meeting in the zone which president and sister Tui'one also joined. That meeting was great. I taught about the importance of teaching all five lessons before baptism instead of just the first four as the pmg says and as so missionaries do, and then also other ways for us to retain recent converts by going to the temple and so on. I also taught obedience. President and Sister Tui'one are the best. I have so much love for them. Afterwards, Sister Tui'one thanked me for conducting a great meeting and that she was grateful to learn from me today, and President told me that he wanted to interview me before the mission meeting wednesday morning. He also passed our car on the road back to fahefa with a smile after the meeting hahaha.
    So then the whole zone was supposed to have interviews with president before the meeting with all of the missionaries on tonga, but my interview with prez was so long that it didnt happen. It was awesome. Man I love Prez so much. The interview was awesome. He told me that he was really happy to see that I am a leader that "leads by example". It felt good to hear.  He also really liked what I'd been doing with the DLs. So that was all really cool.  President then gave me a ton of advice for the things I asked. He's awesome. Then, during the meeting President revealed to the mission his new vision and rules and standards and so on. And one of the big changes that hes making... is that the fifth lesson will always be taught before baptism. I was happy to hear that because I feel it's very important also and had taught that to the DL's on Tuesday. That was way cool. 
So I've taken my interview with prez seriously and as such have started to change a ton of things up in our zone. Specifically focusing on planning and obedience. Trying to get all missionaries motivated.  Every district meeting now we are going to be checking planners and comparing them to ours, and DLs. Another thing, ever since the meeting, every day this week we've gotten up at 6:10 and driven over to another mq to wake them up and exercise with them without them knowing. Every other night we are going to another mq and sitting in on their planning session to see how they do it. We ended up roleplaying with the Vaotuu boys the other night and we were able to help them out. Needless to say, we've been flipping busy recently. Its been great. 
    The weeks been really good. One of my favorite weeks so far. Last night we had to drive to the kolovai sisters to check on them because they lost their phone. Love those sisters. Theyre great. They left it in kolo during a teaching hahah. Then this morning we went and excercised with a pair of missionaries and during that the APs called me and asked me if Tuha and I could cover their area for the week while they are in vava'u. I know Kilary trusts me but that was kind of shocking. Coolio though. Might stay there Wednesday. Who knows, good week. 
     We were supposed to have a zone pday at the beach resort in kanokupolu today, but its been raining. So that stinks. Overall great week. Loving it out here. Love the work. Having fun. 

Love all of you guys. Hope this is a good update, Tay

sorry no pics

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