Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 44 in Tonga

     This week has been good. Time is going by so quickly its crazy. I feel like I was emailing a couple of days ago. 
     This week we worked in the APs area until friday and got them two new investigators while they were in Vava'u. That was fun. Spent some time in the mission office on friday meeting with the APs after their trip to go over everything, and found out that we will be getting a new car. Heck Yes!, thats going to be nice. Tuhas dad flew into tonga for the kingdom wide celebration of the missions hundred year anniversary this week... he's been visiting us a lot lately. but its all good cuz he's given us tons of food and chocolate. Seriously a ton of chocolate, I'm sick of candy right now. We've given a ton of the chocolate away to the sisters. They're always very grateful. The sisters in our vahe are awesome. 
     Went to Houma's district meeting and taught them about planning and instituted the new zone wide planning program with them. Sister Vimahi flew in from Eua that morning and is working in Ha'alalo in our zone. So its been cool to talk with her again. Two favorite sisters from Eua are in our zone now. Thats cool. She gave us a bunch of chocolate.
     Been blowing our money on beach resort meals lately. Well worth it. Our fafangas seem to constantly be falling through, or we are so busy that we dont have time for fafanga, so we've had plenty of days this week where we plan fafanga as a back up plan in case teachings fall through. Actually most nights we have too many appointments for fafanga anyway. Haven't been all that hungry actually for some reason. Just really busy. The Kolovai sisters gave us fafanga on wednesday after the day because we called and were so hungry hahaha. They're the best. Its good though now. We are loaded with chocolate. 
     Saw and talked to President Tupou on Friday on his way back from Uta while we were in utulau. Good to see him again. Really weird seeing him wearing a byu shirt and jordan shorts. 
     Had a vilo hoa with one of the DLs, found out that the car I'm driving right now is the same one that Diehl from the MTC flipped over and showed us pictures of. 
     I love the office elders. Gardner and Carbone are by far my favorite missionary companionship in the mission. They are freaking hilarious. Love it when I'm in the office. They have the best p-days with the APs on saturday too. They went fishing for sharks two weeks ago. Sounds fun. I hope they stay in the office for a while because I want to work with em. They're hilarious. 
     On saturday we got up at five in the morning to drive to kolo and do a mission wide service project at the hospital in Havelu. We painted the fence. That was fun. Talked with Carbone and Gardner the whole time. It was lead paint, washed ourselves with gasoline to get it off. Was fun. I talked to President while there and he told me that he liked all of the ideas I was putting in place in the zone. So that was cool. 
     Yesterday it just rained alllll day long. Not a whole bunch else happened. I came up with some awesome ideas for after the mission though. College life is going to be awesome.
     Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, on friday we baptized two of our investigators in Kanokupolu. Then on sunday I confirmed the daughter. First time ever confirming someone before, also first time ever doing it in Tongan. That was cool. I was nervous but it was all good. 
     Internet kind of slow this week so not many pics. I'm doing well. 

Love all you guys and hope you're all well.  
Ofa atu, Taylor

Eating at Resorts

Baptisms in Kanokupolu

Another awesome view

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