Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 47 in Tonga, officially one year down and one to go!

Hey guys, this weeks been good. Busy. Lots of changes. 

Cool stuff that happened:

Pday- Became comps with Elder Soakai, he's awesome. President called and told us to go to the office so that we could get our new car! Brand new 2016 Hyundai, Prez drove it in and it still had plastic on all of the seats. Awesomeeee. Sooo nice. And so nice to drive. We went to the blowholes and hung out over there, watching the ocean erupt, ate at a beach resort for dinner. Yum. Elder Soakai gave me a haircut too. 

Tuesday- I had to lead district meeting since the district leader (Elder Brown), hadnt gotten back from Eua yet. Feel bad for Elder Brown, he was only out there for a transfer and a half, wish he could've been in Eua longer. We met a ton of new Elders and Missionaries in the zone. Everyone in our entire zone is training except for the two of us, and two other companionships. The whole rest of the zone is training. So thats awesome. I love it. Great trainers too. I'm excited for what our zone's going to accomplish. Transported tons of missionaries around. Had an incredible teaching with one of the investigators that we have set up for baptism. It was awesome and the lesson went so smoothly. Then that night we had an activity with the ward where we projected a video for them all to watch and then got referrals afterwards. It was good. 

Wednesday- Water Dead, drove to Te'ekiu to shower instead of a bucket shower. Took one of my favorite pictures on the mission.

 Had one of our recent converts teach us instead of us teaching her. Pila Katoa called us at night and asked us to come over and bless him cuz he was sick. Got to the house and the whole house looked like they were about to die. Not literally but they were all sick. So we ended up blessing the whole family haha. Then, also Soakai had been sick all day, so I gave him a blessing back at the MQ, he was better the next morning. 

Thursday- Had to go to the mission office to take care of a ton of newbys. Tonsssss of new missionaries. Thirty five in total, and tons of white people. Lots of craziness over there. We took Brown and his trainee and dropped them off in Te'ekiu, and then basically spent the rest of the whole day running other missionaries around and distributing needs and figuring out problems with what missionaries dont have etc...

Friday- Phonecalls from other missionaries wishing me a happy 1 year. Even sister Pohahau called. haha that was cool. Ate lunch at liku'alofa, ate and watched the whales crossing at the same time, that was cool. Elder Pritt and Elder Cho, they got me two pizzas from kolo for my year mark, that was super awesome and nice of em. Love those guys. Then before eating pizza at night, we went and did my tutu outside. My first tupenu that elder erickson gave me, and a shirt. That was really cool. It lit up super quickly, large flames. Fun stuff. Good pizza. Cant believe that its already been a year since I started the mission. Its flown by soo quickly. Less than a year left now. Dang. Lots of thoughts about the future that night. 

Saturday- Soakai told me his conversion story. Man I love my comp a ton, and have so much respect for him. He's awesome. A random member invited him and his friend to "learn more about jesus christ" at the mall. They said okay and drove with him to a chapel where there was a young single adult dance. Talked to the missionaries and was taught all the lessons over time and then set up a baptismal date. Anyway, he worked to pay for his own mission, he's awesome. He's about as happy as anybody I know too. So far he's been a great companion. We had a great week we also got a new family of investigators. 

Sunday- Flat tire. Fixed the flat at the church. Teachings. Met with stake pres. Langi. Lots of errands and collecting things for prez for monday. 

All in all. Things are going well. Love all you guys, Ofa atu, Tay


  1. Love the pic with the of my favorites too! So busy and so much good work being done! Love, love, love to hear your love for the people in every line. Sister Jones Morton

  2. Love the pic with the of my favorites too! So busy and so much good work being done! Love, love, love to hear your love for the people in every line. Sister Jones Morton