Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 41 in Tonga

Hey everybody,

This weeks been crazy. Really fun. Lots of stuff happened. I love it out here. I got my new companion Elder Tuha, he is from New Zealand, and has been out for 19 months. He speaks better Tongan than English so that should be good for me and help a lot. He's pretty cool, easy going. 
     We've been super busy all week long and its been great. We cover Kanokupolu and Fahefa now, which are separated by three other areas that the sisters cover, so we also have two phones and two MQs to choose from to use. Sleep in Kanokupolu when we are up there, and Fahefa when we are down here. I got my Tongan license and we have a car! I thought it would be weird driving on the opposite side of the road but everything feels the same. I forgot how much I missed driving. Having a car is way nice, and I love all of the things we have to do or coordinate or figure out that come up randomly to us. I'm loving it right now. Our new district is really cool, and the zone is pretty tight.      
     Yesterday it felt like we had a thousand meetings. We got to meet some stake leaders and so on. The Te'ekiu stake president is awesome. We got a new investigator with a baptismal date already set up. On Sunday we were both asked to talk and introduce ourselves to the ward. I talked about enduring to the end, spoke for about 5 minutes, spoke from the heart it felt really good, had the members smiling. Then Tuha got up and spoke and he gave an awesome talk. Met and visited with the members after the meeting. 
     Yeah, I'm loving it here. Not much else to say. Really busy. Today we are going to p-day at one of the beach resorts with our district, and tonight we are going to go to a wedding reception for one of our members who was the AP that trained President Tupou. So I'm hoping to eat cake and ice cream with Prez tonight. 

Life Is Good. 

Love all of you guys, Elder DeSpain

Pics my comp took of me talking to the AP's

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