Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week 39 in Tonga

Hey everybody,

This weeks been pretty good. Lots of new changes, lots of laughs, lots of things to get used to. Still miss Eua a ton, but making the most of this concrete world here in kolo. 

We've done a ton to help the work over here and since district meeting last week our district numbers have gone from 0 new investigators to 18 this week, and 3 lessons with a member present to 11, so I feel like we're doing something right and things are improving. 

My new comp, Elder Hau, is the best. I love this guy. We have so much fun and the days are going by so quickly. I feel like we spend most of the day just laughing at each other. 

We've also been able to lift every morning... with real weights, a bar, a bench, and so on. I cant tell you how nice it felt to do a powerclean again, or a snatch or overhead squat. So nice. 

Not much else exciting stuff, lots of cool pictures though. Climbed some trees. 

Ofa Lahi atu ka moutolu! 


Elder Hau my new companion.

Doing a little shopping

Climbing some coconut trees

                                                                      Ice cream break

Elder Tafoya really enjoying his ice cream

                                                                Some cool sunsets

Actually got to have hoagie sandwiches for fafanga! So good.

I buttered some toast and cut it into strips to dip in our milo, just like hot chocolate and toast back home.

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