Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 38 finishing last days in Eua, onto the main Island of Tonga

This weeks been crazy. Despite every effort not to, I finally had to leave Eua. I am missing that small island more than I ever imagined would be possible. Its ta'eoli and ta'elata as. After seeing the worlds first sunrise last week, Tafoya got on the plane for Tonga and I got my new comp for the next five days or so. Elder Brown, he was a cool guy. Prez told me to train him to take over as the new district leader in Eua, before I leave for Tonga and become the dl for the tonga central stake. So all week long I was introducing him to everyone important and planning out all of the things he needs to make sure he does and so on. Saying good bye to all of my friends and members was really hard. Taleni cried when she found out that I was leaving and so did others. It wasn't fun. I was able to go up and say bye to my main man Sifa though all the way up in Houma, so I was happy about that. I'm already missing them all so much. Fotu even said he was going to drive to the airport to see me off. 

Leaving Eua and going to Tonga was like entering a whole new mission. I went from the small forested island with cliffs and hills and secret trails and natural waterslides and trees that inspired the trees in avatar, members that were as hardworking as anyone I know, the best bishop and stake presidency, and a great district in the mission with some of the best missionaries, to just outside the biggest city in Tonga..... urban jungles of concrete, no skylines, tons of cars, pavement, no ocean, a whole new district, a new comp that I am to follow up training, and some other challenges with the new ward. Easy to say I miss my Eua family. A lot. But its all good. Change is good. Kind of ta'elata right now but I think it will get better. 

The good news, I'm going to get to start lifting again every morning, theres a place across from our street thats got a bunch of stuff so I'm excited about that. Oh and the fafangas are bomb. Ate four burgers for breakfast this morning, and fresh apples, and I saw grapes out on the road. I haven't seen a grape in ten months so that was really exciting for me. Pumped to eat a grape. 

Lots of changes ahead. 

Ofa Atu ka moutolu! 

Elder DeSpain

Saying Goodbye to Sifa and his wife. 

And to lots of others friends. 

I will miss all these views

Goodbye to Eua!

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  1. My heart aches for you as you leave your wonderful island. Your service there has brought you great joy! Now go and do the same in Tonga!!