Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 34 on the Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

Mission life is good. We started our new program yesterday and I think its going to go well. The members are excited about it and everyones telling me how solid they are for having an investigator at their fafangas. So thats good. We had a vilo hoa (splits) this week and had some fun with that. Then, on Saturday I found out that there was an early transfer. Lolohea and Moala got moved back to Tonga, and I'm the new District Leader for Eua, and best of all I get to stay in Ohonua. So thats pretty exciting. So being the DL of Eua/zone now I get to fly into MLC again and go to a temple session every month with them. Which also means that I'll be able to be at President Tupous last MLC meeting before he leaves, and I'll be here for every MLC with President Tuione. So thats sweet. I think I am the youngest MLC attendant out too so I'll know Tuione really well by the end of the mission. I'm so pumped that I get to stay in Eua, because I really badly didn't want to leave Ohonua. It's awesome and I can now see our new program through and see the jump in teachings it gives us. 

On P-day I worked on my new slippers. Epoxy smells really bad. Cleaned them off really good, removed all of the rocks and dirt. Scrubbed the Nike soles down as well. Worked on them for about 40 minutes. I'm very pleased with the results. They worked really well, no rocks, just feels like there is super heavy logs on my feet.  

We had a pretty good week lots of lessons some good and some rough ones. Lessons with Keti Havea about living with her family forever, we taught Rodney and Mele about the temples, taught Havili a quick lesson about the Holy Ghost and checked up on his Book of Mormon reading, talked with Poasi at his house and set up a time to talk with him again on Tuesday. At that point I wasn't sure if I was going to still be here. I'm so glad that I am, because I really want to teach Poasi, that kid is awesome. At our lesson on Saturday night we sat down to teach Lovelies husband and we felt a massive earthquake shake the whole place a whole lot for a minute or two. Biggest one I've felt yet, I think. Taught him about the world of wisdom, he really wants to go to the temple and be sealed. I felt like the lesson went well. I really like teaching.

I gave my announcement to the kaingalotu to establish the new program during sacrament meeting. Some members were clearly surprised, but we're smiling the whole time. Then Pisope got up and supported us and explained to the members that this plan was not just our missionary plan, but it's the ward missionary plan. He said "it is our time to find." "Embrace this program and you will receive more blessings from the missionaries than ever before." It was awesome, after sacrament meeting tons of members told us how solid our program was going to be.

Sounds like you guys are doing well, I'm glad. I can't believe that its already that time of year, thats crazy. I'm glad to hear Hogan's team is doing well. Dad you are still the head coach right? Hopefully, I will see a picture of a trophy next week. Good luck with your race Mom, that will be fun.

Ofa atu,Taylor 

My new slippers

Awesome Sunsets

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  1. Soooooooo love reading your blog Taylor. You are an incredible missionary and your love for the people you serve shines through every line!!! I am thankful for the time I had to teach you. You are in my prayers each day. Love Sister Jones Morton