Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 33 on Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad, 

I had a good week. I had lots of emails waiting for me last p-day. I heard from alot of people that I haven't  heard from in a long while. I love the pics that Cody sent me of his graduation party. It was good to see Sameer, DJ, and Kramers faces. Loved the pictures and the letters. After emailing we relaxed for a bit and listened to music. I finished reading Our Heritage, so I've finished reading all the books I have. 
We have had a lot of good lessons this last week. Our lesson with Toia went really well, he had read what we had asked him to and he had questions about the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  We went back and forth from one book to the other answering his questions. After our lesson he told us he would read the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover and tell us what he thought about it. He told us it's a small book, and he reads the bible four times a year. His lesson was great, it was a really cool experience. It felt good to be able to address his concerns.
Tuesday we had district meetings, it's so weird to see the sister missionaries without their Tongan braids. Seeing them with actual hair not braided to the side of their heads is super weird. Sister Pohahau is hilarious. From there we went to see Pisope's wife's mom, the mosquitoes in that house were insane. Probably fifty just swarming around my legs. Big suckers. We left there and made the jungle river mountain valley trek  to get to Hango agricultural college. We talked with Tina and she told us a little of her background with the church. She was baptized but married outside the church to a Methodist man. Her husband told us over the phone that he doesnt want us coming back to teach, but when he hung up his wife told us she really wants to talk and have us teach her, so she's going to call us and let us know when to come back. We also spoke to a lady named Sandra from Vanatua. She spoke English to us, she also studies at the college. On the way out Tina's husband respectfully kicked us out of Hango college in its entirety. From there we went to see Alifileti just outside the gates of the college. Checked up on his reading of the Book of Mormon. We talked about the priesthood and before we left we gave him a blessing. 
On Wednesday we went to Poasi's house, and was greeted by his sister Eleanor. She invited us in and we talked with her for a while. She only responded to us in English. Her English was really good, she sounded American almost. Then we found out that their mom is the principle at Eua High. Found out that all her kids are trilingual. They are way fluent in English. We were asked to teach the lesson in English it was really hard. As I started, I kept wanting to say things in Tongan and couldn't find the words in English to say what I wanted to. After a little while it got easier and was kind of nice. We taught the plan of salvation, Poasi is really smart, he would figure out a lot of things before we got to it. Really smart kid. It was a fun lesson, they will be fun to teach. From there we went to another house in Eua High where we found Kali. Had another great lesson. We taught about the restoration of the church and priesthood authority. Lots of discussion, at the end he said the closing prayer and thanked us a lot for helping him understand. It ended up being a very cool experience. That night the clouds were amazing. I'm convinced that there aren't clouds like these anywhere else in the world. 

We have a pet dog now. He likes to stay outside of our MQ and we always give him out leftovers. Tafoyas started calling him Rufus. 
We thought up this great idea, of not eating people's fafangas unless they have an investigator for us. We ran it by Paki, Pisope and President Havea, they think it's a great idea. They are giving me some time in sacrament meeting to announce it. I've been thinking about what I will say all night. I'm really excited to get this new program started. 
After church on Sunday we went back to our MQ, I decided to look up and tab scriptures until Fafanga. Went and had Fafanga and then returned back to our MQ before it started to rain. Tabbed and searched for more scriptures. Did some area book stuff. We emailed the Prez at the church and told him about our new program idea. Then headed to our next Fafanga at Fale's again. He served us rice and meat and spaghetti noodles. Talked about the new mission president coming in. Fale kept telling us that if we are ever hungry to give him a call. Haha, I told him he better be careful what you wish for. They all laughed a bunch. Then I said seriously, "hopefully you will think the same thing after our new program starts next week". He assured us that he was serious, so we are probably going to be giving him a bunch of calls for food in a week or two. After Fafanga, I finished my cut out tabs. Going to be great. 

Transfers are coming pretty soon. I hope I'm staying here for a while longer. Saw Jen this week, as we were walking by she called at us. She told us she missed us. She told us her parents were here in Eua and they were flying to Australia the next day for vacation. I had to tell her goodbye in case I get transferred this coming week. That wasn't fun and Jen didn't like that thought either. She told us she talked about us at dinner the other night with her parents. She told them she was going to miss us when we move. We will miss her a lot too. I really hope I don't move. She ran back inside and came back with a bunch of baked papaya granola bars she had made for us. It's hard to think I might be leaving here soon. Maybe I'll know next week. 

Hope you have a good week, 

Love, Tay

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