Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 31 on the Island of Eua.

Hey Mom and Dad,

     This week we have had lots of rain, we stayed inside for parts of some days due to the weather. Elder Tafoya and I must've eaten something that didn't sit right with us. Extra time in the MQ running back and forth from the bathroom. Figured out Monday after we got home that I left half my dirty laundry in the bathroom. So we ran out to get detergent and I washed them in a can with a umbrella. Those clothes have been trying to dry all week and had to wash again when they didn't smell so good. 
     We had Family home evening at Luisa's house on Monday. Prez started out with taumua as always, and had his kids, and the other kids of the invited families recite it. "Ake ke poto, ngaue fakafaifekau, mali temipale." "Go to school/university, serve a mission, marry in the temple." Then the Prez asked the kids in the room what they wanted to be when they grew up. Isi wants to be a lawyer. I wish him luck! Then the Prez talked about the plan of salvation. Afterwards they fed us dinner. 
    Tuesday it rained again all day and Erickson called to tell us their flight to MLC was canceled due to the rain. We talked to him for a while. He told us all about Vava'u his new area. It sounds like the whole place is a resort and there are yachts all over and so on. He talked with us about what somebody his plans were when he got home, his goals, etc... It was nice to hear from him. He doesn't have that much time left. Rainy days here are kind of like rainy days camping. Staying inside playing cards and so on. It's kind of a nice mix up. It hasn't stopped raining all day. We finally got out to go to the Chinese store for dinner. We literally picked what I imagine a group of ten year olds would want for dinner. Arizonas and strawberry ice cream. Had an awesome bicep workout with the groceries on the way back in the rain too. It's a long walk. It rained hard the entire day. We sat down and ate our dinner. 

     Next day our Fafanga was at the Big Ovava Tree resort. After we ate, we checked out the Ovava tree treehouse. 

It's pretty cool, I want to build a treehouse someday. After we left there I wasn't feeling so hot. So we went back to the MQ for a bit. I felt exhausted, dehydrated or just sick of some sort. I rested for a bit and then we headed to Tufu. No one was around but we did see some New Zealanders at the Deep Blue resort. Talked with a guy named Bruce for a while. He was nice, he speaks Papua New Guinean? On our way back in town we saw Pa'ane. He told us to meet up with him at his house. We waited for him, the weather got super stormy and  he never showed. Headed to Fafanga, Litani's baby who is maybe 18 months old couldn't stop laughing at us. He's great. Rain, rain, and more rain. We got a ride back to our MQ in Litani's intercoolerturbo 2800 van. The only thing it was missing was a table, very cool. 
     May 5th, Cinco de Mayo... No Mexican food. We were given money for Fafanga today. We bought fried fish, a watermelon and 2 chocolate milks. It was very humid and sunny today. Our MQ felt like it was raining indoors. After we ate we went to see Jen and help her labels books at the library. Went over to her garden and helped her dig some holes for some wooden posts, and planted some pele. Had a good lesson with Mosese at the big ovava tree resort, we taught about the restoration. It went well. That night the presidents wife made us Tongan pizza, a really good rice vegetable thing. I imagined it was Mexican rice so it was even better. Hot day today! 
     Saturday it rained again all day. Stopped at the church to figure what we were doing next because the rain kind of messed up our plans. Here is some pics of what happens to the roads after continuous rain. 

We got back to the MQ and both of us were not feeling to hot again. Napping and bathroom trips, not fun. Fafanga was delivered about 8 and we both looked at it, neither of us felt like eating anything.   
     On Mothers Day all of the talks were about mothers of course. Lots of Mothers Day thoughts. Pigs were heard squealing really loudly outside during the talks, only in Tonga. After church we went to a mini Kaibolo in Houma for Mothers Day. Lots of good puaka, watermelon, and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Good stuff. Later on we headed back to the mission prep class in Pangai. One of our converts is prepping for a mission. Awesome. After Fafanga we headed back to the church to get the key to the church for tomorrow. The Mother's Day Program was just ending so we got to wish all the mothers in the ward a Happy Mothers Day. 

     Can't wait to talk to you guys Ofa Atu. Mom, Ofa pe na'e fakalata aupito ho'o ago fa'e!

Love, Tay

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