Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 30 on the Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad, 

This week was good. Seems to go by sooo quickly. I cant believe its p-day already. Next week we'll be skyping. That will be nice. That's awesome that Hogan is playing A ball too. Garret is a good guy. I'm doing well. I'll be google chat calling you guys next week on Sunday for you guys, around 3:30 pm. That will be great, I can't wait.

We had district meetings this week they were lots of fun. The Pangai sisters brought a bunch of oranges to the meeting, really good. We made schemes of how to steal back all of the mission bikes on the island (past missionaries had just given them all away, there used to be 8, which are just layng around the island at people's houses right now). After the meetings the Pangai sisters told us they put their leftover vanilla ice cream from fafanga in the freezer and they shared it with us. So that was good. Afterwards we went to go give service at the Library with Jen. The school children were all outside for teeth brushing time. I think the school does that once a month or whenever  someone from the hospital visits. We talked with Jen about a ton of things and helped her label all of the Tongan kids books with colored stars and tape. At one point  in our conversation she found out that we both had just graduated and she was really surprised. She thought I was 26! That's seven years she's giving me. 7! Tafoya and I had a laugh about that. We then left the school and shook hands with probably a thousand school children. All of them yelling "Speini eh!!!"  "looo". I'm going to miss all the kids in Tonga someday. Saw a bunch of  awesome huge blue, green, and purple wild parrots flying around above the road on the walk back. On our way back we saw an awesome sunset. Talked with some fisherman and saw a cow in the back of a truck tied up and still alive. 

Water was dead couple mornings this week, listened to Monsons 2014 conference talk about courage.  I was also able to finish all of Jesus the Christ. Also finished True to the Faith. Also read a bunch in Alma about trusting in God. 

We were able to fix Tilema's weed wacker so she could cut her grass. Then we went and talked to Tala Fili, he was making kava bowls outside. he talked to us about making small ones for us if we wanted for 50% off. Then we talked about whale bone carvings. He told us that they are extra expensive because its illegal to kill whales, so the only way that they can get them is if they are beached. He then told us a story about a whale being beached when he was a kid here. Then he showed us how he worked on making kava bowls with his chainsaw. That was cool. We went to Mosese at the big ovava tree resort from Tala's and had an awesome lesson. Something Mosese said made me feel like we should teach the plan of salvation instead of the restoration, so we did. His lesson was awesome. He felt really good afterwards. He even said he was interested in baptism but said he wants to talk with Litani first. It was sweet, we left there and headed to see Jr, while walking up the the hill we saw Jr and Rodney looking around their pig pen with flashlights. They had a friend come over to shoot  two of their pigs for Rodney's nieces birthday party in Tonga tomorrow. He had shot two of the but both went running and broke through the fence. He told us they wouldn't be able to do the lesson tonight because of it. We said that was fine but wanted to help them find the pigs. So we went on a pig hunt, hoping to find them. We followed the blood trail and got all excited to find them but we never did, what a waste, poor pigs. Rodney still needed two pigs so we all got into the  pigpen and  started chasing them up the hill where Rodney and Jr were ready to tolomaka'i them. They ended up catching them. Exciting stuff. Then we learned how to prepare a pig from scratch. First they boil them, take em out of the boiling water and frantically tear as much skin and hair off as possible. Comes off really easy actually. Then they take a knife and pluck off the hooves. Then Jr. took a razor and shaved the rest of the hair off of them. We watched Rodney and Meite gut them too. Everything was done and they were ready for the freezer in about 40 minutes or so. It was really cool. I know how to kill and prepare a pig now, its easy. That was really cool.

Later on in the week we had a picnic with the district at the Stake Center under this huge tree. It was really fun. it was sports day at the middle school so a bunch of people were there. We brought our leftover keke and crackers. We ate chicken curry and tip tap chocolate things. Hanging out with the district is the best. We always have such a great time. Everyone contributes and makes it a better time. Lots of fun and lots of jokes. Tafoya and I noticed how perfect the tree was for climbing and decided it would be an injustice not to do just that.

On our way to ward leadership council, I caught a piglet. That was sweet, it started squealing like crazy though and before I could even think about getting a picture, the momma pig charged at me. She was a big pig. I dropped the piglet and got out of there. Finally caught a baby pig though!

On Fast Sunday I decided to bear my testimony about the power of fasting. That was fun. I talked about how I used to not appreciate fasting before and how I'd often take food and hide it and eat it secretly. They thought that was funny. Then I talked about how I've seen fasting work while on my mission. The whole meeting was really good. Afterwards Tala Fili told us that Tonga needs more missionaries like us. That was really nice of him to say and to hear.

I'll talk to you next week, 
Love, Tay  

Ofa Atu!

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