Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 29 on the Island of Eua

Dear Mom and Dad, 

This week was really good. It was slower than most and we didnt have that many teachings but we had two baptisms on Saturday. We also ate three massive feasts a homecoming party and 2 more because it was stake conference, so that was fun.
 Dad- Glad that you're not out of town anymore. Hows your back? 

I hope that the baseball party goes well too. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.  Looks and sounds like you guys are all doing really well.
I sent a lot of pictures this week so I think you guys will like those. I'm doing well.
The days are going bye soo quickly its insane. Two weeks and its Mothers day and I'll be able to see all of you guys. That will be fun. 

Hope you're doing well

Love Tay 
We went to a missionary homecoming, it was awesome. Tongan celebrations are the best. So many laughs.

We started out hanging in the back shed with Sifa and Soni and Pulu and ate some weird sweet mini keke things. Sifa is the best, I love that guy. I want to be like him when I'm his age. He was wearing what I would imagine cool Eurooean backpackers would wear, with a red beer t-shirt haha.
 Didn't bother him at all and he hung out with the stake presidency and all wearing his beer shirt like it wasn't weird at all. Sometimes I forget he has just been released as Houma Branch President. He's like a kid, he's the best. I think I'm going to miss Sifa the most when I leave here. Our stake presidency is the best too, Lasalosi, Ma'u, Havea, they're all awesome. Alison's is the best also. I love Tongans. The celebration was fun, there was another long table that we sat at, piled with tons of food. We had just eaten Fafanga though so we didn't eat all that much. I mostly drank otai. There were speeches and so on while people were eating and the Elder Taufa stood on a mat thing and people came and put leis over his head. Head so many leis on at one point that his head was buried and you could hardly see his face. Candy leis too. It was kinda getting out of hand. Kaibolas are fun, it lasted three hours.

 Woke up and headed to the church to fill up the baptismal font. The ward was having choir practice there at 6:45 am. They love to do stuff at weird hours out here. Got the font going and then went to check on Jr to check on his tupenu. Then went back to the mq and finished personal study. I'm super close to finishing Jesus the Christ. We then booked it to the church for our baptism. I love our members. They are great, Samisi Vave and Elder Taufa are really cool. The start of the baptism was a little rough because Aunoa didn't have a white dress and was waiting for someone to bring it. So we ended up starting at 10:30. Overall it was good though. Aunoas brother baptized her and then Jr, they were pretty happy. The loafs of ice cream afterwards were good too. 
 Later we started the walk to Tufu for Stake conference. President Havea saw us and gave us a ride. When we got to the church we found Alisona, Kisione, and President Ma'us son hard at work cleaning the whole stake center. It made me think back to all of the ward service projects back home. Helping people move, cleaning the library, cleaning up parks and so on. I was watching them and thought to myself about how I want to be more like Alisona and Kisione and those guys. I've learned so much from the members out here in Tonga, they are awesome, such great examples.

Met up with Moala and Lolohea before the priesthood session and then Pres Lasalosi walked over and said "Why are you so happy Sipeini?!!" Haha I had a big smile on my face for whatever reason, I don't know. Then he started talking to me about how great our baptisms must've been this morning. He's the best, love that guy.

Stake conference was great. Pres Ma'u talked about raising a family. It got me thinking about my own family someday. And how grateful and happy I would be, to be trusted enough by the lord to take care of them, and how massive of a responsibility it would be on me to do so. Someday that's going to be the most satisfying feeling. After the adult session we were invited to another feast, unlike last time we feasted. It was delicious. Lots of fun, Tongan feasts are the best.

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  1. I love reading about your experiences! I can see your great smile as you think about happy thoughts! I always knew that smile would draw people to you! I'm so grateful to know how you love the Tongan people. We love those we serve.