Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 28 on the Island of Eua

          Hey Mom and Dad,
Good to hear that things are going well back home. I'm doing good. We are expecting to have four baptisms this week. Its going to be kind of crazy. Friday is going to be back to back to back interviews for most of the night.
Mom I loved all of the pics that you were able to send me from your trip to TX and from home. I'm glad that you guys had a lot of fun down there too. From everyone's letters it sounds like things are going well back at home. Its great to hear about how well Luke, Hogan, and Jack are doing too.  
Love you all. Love, Tay
We returned Sunday night back to the church for the fireside. When we got there we found all the missionaries in the back near the stake offices. The APs had just called and told Erickson the transfer. Everyone's staying but Erickson, who's going to finish his mission in Vava'u. I think that's why Erickson has been a little sad. He was supposed to go to Niua Fi'ou to reopen the smallest most remote and least advanced island in the mission after two years being closed. But Prez told him if weather was bad at the end of the transfer he wouldn't have been able to get back to Tonga in time for his flight home. That really stinks, I understand why Erickson is sad. After the fireside Erickson and I talked about him going to Vava'u and so on. This district is really great, I love all these guys, we have a great time when we are able to hang out together. Later we got a ride back to Ohonua in the back of Prez Havea's van with all his kids. Viliami (Paki's son) is the best. He always yells as loud as he can "Spainieh!!!" he's great.  tomorrow after emailing, I think we are going to the beach in Pangai and eat a dog before Erickson leaves. That'll be fun!

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