Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 27 on the Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

I'm doing well. We were able to watch conference in english this past weekend since they had the dvd. so that was good. I really liked Elder Ballards talk about family councils, it reminded me of all the rides dad and I took to baseball or the movies. I loved having that time to talk to you dad. It made me miss you a lot. Thanks for being really great and someone for me to look up to. I'm really grateful for you.

Thanks mom for the package, it was great!  All  food is gone now though haha, everything else was a great surprise also. I shared the candy with my district while we watched conference it was great.

I'm happy that you guys enjoyed my experiences the last week. They were fun. This week was great too.

Love you Mom and Dad, Love Tay 

P-day started out as usual- laundry, emailing home, had Fafanga at the resort today it was fish, rice, onions, carrots and so on all chopped up nice with some good sauce over all of it. Then stopped at the store for a couple things. We saw some friends of ours and then booked it in the rain to President Havea's. He gave us a ride back to the MQ with all of our just cleaned laundry. It continued to rain so we decided to clean up the place a little.   

The next day woke up and it was still raining hard outside. It rained all day long and never let up for a single second. We studied for a while. We watched parts 1 & 2 of the district for comp study. Then had language study, it's getting so much easier, feeling I'm understanding most everything now. I felt like I was just studying the Book of Mormon and Bible today instead of reading in another language. Noticed ants all over the place again and we just deep cleaned everything yesterday. Great. After Fafanga we decided to head out in the pouring rain to our appointments and rescheduled them for later so we could go to Houma. Walked everywhere in the rain today, stopping and teaching lessons. It wasn't too long before we were sopping wet. By the time we got to Fafanga, they grabbed an old shirt and started drying our feet and legs off, they are great and the food was awesome. 

Our meeting with APs today was the best part of the day by far. I feel like I learned a ton, and it was maybe the most edifying meeting I've been in so far. It was awesome. The role plays were all really funny and we got a lot done. Afterwards Presdient Ma'u brought us lunch. After lunch we all went to Siomatanga. We rode in the back of Vailahis truck.

He took us to the cliffs at the south of the island and there were wild horses everywhere. 

We went to the ovava tree again. It felt weird hiking through the jungle in our missionary clothes. We decided to go into the cave again, the cave went so much deeper than we thought it did the first time around. There was an underground river and underground waterfalls that went deep down into the earth. The cave split into two so that there was a steep drop in between our legs. It opened up above us to a huge cavern of stalactites and birds and fruit bats. It went sooo much farther than we initially thought. When it got to the point where we couldn't see we decided to turn back or it wouldn't be safe. It was lots of fun. We then went back and got our packages, books and stuff and headed back to Ohonua for our lessons. 

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  1. The first picture is beautiful! The experiences are so great to read about! Hope the rain lets up soon. ❤️