Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 37 on the Island of Eua

Hey Everybody,

Sorry it's' been so long. I decided it's finally time for me to start one of these mass email things. Hopefully more of you will be able to hear from me now. I'm doing well, Tonga is crazy cool. I've been on a little island called Eua for the past what almost nine months now. Yupp. Anyways crazy stuff has gone down this week. 

I flew in for MLC on thursday with our whole vahe. Our previous two attempts with the sister training leaders proved unsuccessful, and so after MLC was already finished, the APs called and told me that they were going to fly us all out so that we could still make the meeting. So that was awesome. Tons of fun. 

The meeting with president was great. I love that man. Afterwards Prez took me and Tafoya to go and pick up pizza with him. He left his phone in the car while he picked it up and I turned to Tafoya and said "Do you have any idea the amount of chaos that we could cause in the mission with that phone?!?". We were so tempted to text Moala and tell him to "Go wait at your house, do not text me, do not call me, just wait. We have a lot of talking to do. Your parents are very upset." but we decided not to after much debate. Haha that was cool. Got to eat dinner and breakfast with president and his family, play on their piano, share funny stories and so on. It was great. Loads of fun. 

Friday was crazy too. We had interviews and mine went nothing like I expected it to. "Elder DeSpain, you've been in Eua since october now? Yes, it is time for you to leave." that was how he started the meeting off. Then he showed me his transfer board and everything that is about to go down. Tafoya left for Tofoa in tonga this morning, and I am training my new comp here in Eua to replace me as the District Leader for a week, before I go to Havelu in Tonga and become their district leader over there. Tafoya will be in my district. So thats cool. I was disappointed and excited to find out about moving. I was really hoping to be able to stay in Eua for a whole year, and Im going to miss the motu feel. All week since getting back, while riding on top of truck cabins going fifty down bumpy roads or so on and so forth all I could think about was "Dang, im never going to be doing this again in Tonga." Im going to miss it here a ton. And our district here is the best district in the mission. Im going to miss all of them so much. 

This morning we went to the cliffs before tafoya left and were able to see the worlds first sunrise!

Ofa Lahi Atu, Elder DeSpain

Last P-day with Elder Tafoya

P-day with the district

Flight to Tonga (main island)

We call this the worlds only split coconut tree. 

Awesome pic

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