Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 12 cont'd and Week 13 on the Island of Eua

Hey guys,

The internet is really slow this week because of the hurricane. Its been turning off and on for the past couple hours and I'm not sure if this will get to you all or not. I've been reading my emails in the old
html website for a little while now but everything is super slow. My journal has been loading, but at a snails pace. Hope you're all doing well. Hope this sends.

Love ya'll,  Tay

We did get his journal this week from the last two weeks, this weeks blog will be mostly pictures and his description of them.

The flight to Tongatapu was nice and short. Seven minutes in total. Our seats were at the very front of the little plane, right behind the open cockpit, first class seats. I took some photos and my camera did something way cool with the propellers, and the palm tree fileds look really cool from the sky. Check it out.

First truly American meal since sister Tautua gave us pizza that second night after arriving Tonga in Liahona. It was delicious. Second picture is us getting pizza again on this visit back to Tongatapu a couple days before Christmas.

We stopped at the office and picked up a couple things I've been wanting, a thing of gel scripture crayons, the official Tongan-English dictionary of Tonga, and I got a Tongan name tag too. I showed it to one of the members and she told me it was better than my English one so I switched it out today. I'm officially Elder Sipeini (spaini).

Here is some pics of us getting ready for our Christmas day deliveries. Thanks to a package I received from Hartlines back in PA we were able to deliver cookies, a message, and toys to all the children we visited on Christmas Day. Erickson and I are so pumped to hand out all of the toys and cookies and play the ukelele for everyone.I'm so happy the Hartlines decided to ship all of those out, these kids are never going to forget this Christmas.

The day after Christmas we baptized Tonga, the water was freezing. We were both shaking afterwards but all went well. She was very happy. 

Explored a bit more of the Island on our P-day. December 28th, the ocean was beautiful and the sound of the water crashing up against the rocks I could sit and listen to all day.

We stopped by to see if I could get a haircut, Mikolo was taking a nap.
So we took matters into our own hands, this is my awesome cape and the finished product.

We had fresh fish and two whole octopus. Octopus is way good, it was awesome. It's cool too, you just eat it as is, skin and all. There's no bones and its basically all meat, hardly any fat. The little suckers taste pretty good too and give some nice texture. I ate six tentacles. Fafanga was great.

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