Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 14 on the Island of Eua

Hey guys,

Sounds like you've all had a pretty good week. I bet its nice to finally
be able to go snowboarding and that shyba's started. It stinks that schools already back in swing. Good to hear that you found out what was wrong with your shoulder dad. Hopefully it will feel even
better soon. Hopefully Luke recovers quickly from whatever he's got. I've been really sick too most of this week. I'm good now though. The internets going in and out so I'm going to try and keep it short.

Love you guys. Hope all is well.

Love, Tay

Another trip to the Main Island-
Some pics posted from the Mission President and his comments about the Mission Leadership Conference-

January MLC: Tutored by the Spirit: we sing, pray, recite, learn, role play, discuss, eat, learn, role play, sing, pray and then it's time to apply what we learned. These are times never to be forgotten!  We are covenant makers, covenant keepers and goal achievers!

Elder DeSpain and Elder Erickson with the Mission President and his wife.

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  1. I love hearing about your mission and seeing pictures of you! So grateful for your service!!❤️❤️