Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 14 cont'd and Week 15 on the Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

This weeks been good. I’ve felt better. Not sick anymore. Don’t worry
about that haha. I was just really messed up for a while, and the mission Dr. sent antibiotics and stuff to me from the main Island.

The projects dad has worked on at the house that I’ve been able to see look awesome. The cabinet in the kitchen and the window seat look professional. I miss working on projects with him.

Good to hear that Jacks been running. I hate running right now, since my shoe inserts were stolen I feel like I’m wearing cement cinderblocks for shoes. Mom you should run another marathon. Glad you are training for the 50 mile race again in Utah, that will be fun for you and your brothers and sisters to do together again. Good to hear about Jack and Hogan playing basketball, and Luke snowboarding too. Sounds like everyone’s having fun.
I loved all of the pictures you sent this week and the one of Gus jumping on Mom haha. I miss the dogs.

 I can’t believe Hayden got called to Honolulu. He is so freaking lucky.
And he doesn’t even have to learn a language, what the heck. Not fair. That’s so cool.

I’m happy for Kyle, hope he's doing well. The wedding was in The Fingerlakes right? Probably was pretty fancy. I also liked hearing about the Bakeys. Bakey's a good kid. He’s a good friend. I’m sure he’s getting straight A's at Villanova too.

This week was a lot better than last weeks. It’s been good. The
language is coming along better and I’m speaking more. It’s still really
confusing at times though, so primitive. I wish they had a costco
here, that would be nice, or even a grocery store in general, or a store
that has more than kapa pulu and juice, but  whatever, it is what it is. I’m doing

Hopefully you guys have a good week this coming week too. Thank you Mom for telling me how proud you are of me, I wanted that this week. And Dad thank you for the letter you wrote me and sent with me, I read it often.

Love you, hope you all are doing well.

Love, Tay

and- don’t worry about my health. I’m fine

Here are the results of my haircut I gave last week. Elder Erickson told me this is the most important haircut you will ever give, because if it turns out bad, he's not going to want us to teach him anymore.
It took me an hour and a half but his cut was perfect. I did a great job blending it all. I even gave him a shape up and trimmed behind his ears and cleaned up his neck. Maybe I should just drop everything and go to cosmetology school when I get home and open up a barber shop with my mom. It was lots of fun, now I just need to get Erickson to trust me cutting his hair.
He told me he wanted it to look exactly like mine.

Naita gave us some sugar cane it's really good but it feels like it's breaking your teeth.

Another trip to the Main Island, stayed in the mission dorm in the building over the offices. It was really nice, we actually had AC, carpet, a couch, bed and closets it was great. We even had warm running water in an actual shower. I will never take that for granted again. 

We had our Mission Leadership Conference while were here that was in last weeks blog post. I really love these MLC meetings and all the zone leader meetings that I've been able to have with the Mission President. We also got to do a session at the temple while we were there, and spent some time with Elder Anderson and Elder Starks, we worked out together one morning and they brought over stuff to make pancakes. It was great. 

When we got home we spent some of our P-day rearranging our MQ. We cleaned with baby wipes and sprayed all over for bugs. I've gotta say our MQ is pretty awesome now. Our new arrangement opened up the room a ton. It's great and I even made a really cool piece of modern art with my grandmas favorite quote and our wall clock that's above my bed. Our MQ almost feels like we don't live in a third world country.

We have had a good week, we've been teaching lots of lessons and feel like everyone is liking what they are learning and want to know more. Always have some road blocks here and there but for the most part it's all going well. We were able to use what we learned at the conference, and have taught by asking more questions.

At Fafanga the other night a chicken was walking around the floor before all the food was laid out. Then food was set down and the chicken was trying to eat out of Ericksons bowl, that's when the family shoo'ed it away. The weirdest part about that actually was that we didn't even think anything of the chicken walking next to us and trying to eat out of our bowls. It made a little ruckus with its wings and finally was gone. That's when I thought to myself a chicken just tried to eat our food, inside the house, that's not normal. But it didn't seem to feel like it wasn't normal. That's just life out here.


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  2. Just thought I'd mention that although I love that quote, it was grampa jiggs favorite quote! He was very persistent and never gave up! And today is his birthday!!