Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 4, finally some pictures!!

My district, they’re the best. Top row left to right. Elder Wall, Cline, Moea'i, Hale, yours truly, Lesueur. Bottom in blue Sister Hosea and Bever is on the right.

Hey Mom and Dad,

How are you both doing? Its going pretty well over here. I wish we had
some of your warm weather its been pretty cold over here lately. It
rained a torrential downpour on tuesday and wednesday this week and
even hailed for about twenty minutes. It was really cool we took all
of our stuff and our rolley chairs downstairs and outside to enjoy the
show and roll down the cement hills trying to avoid the drains since
they were all over flowing and turned into fountains.

OnTuesday our branch President, President Willis (did I tell you
about him? He's Hinckleys nephew and looks just like him) called me
over and asked me to be the zone leader until I leave. I wasn’t all
that surprised. kind of knew I would be one before I left but I was
surprised that it was so early, usually the pattern goes that people
are zone leaders for about the last week and a half. So I was kind of
surprised how early it was. So now instead of my eight district
members I oversee/ lead the Marshalese, Kiribouti, Fijian, Tongan, and
Samoan missions, about seventy missionaries in all. So thats pretty
cool, thats kept me pretty busy lately. Yesterday we got a phone call
(we are given cell phones) that one of our missionaries in the fijian
district had his appendix rupture and so he cant leave for another
month now which really sucks.

I’ve been pretty busy. Tongan is coming along pretty well to. I’ve given
three lessons now without any notes just speaking and weve done pretty
well. We got our one investigator to commit to baptism which was nice
cuz shes been rough on us.

I adopted a new diet to get around the perils of the cafeteria food.

For breakfast I have four boiled egg egg whites and a toasted
blueberry bagel with cream cheese and some skim milk.

Lunch I have a turkey sandwich with two yogurts and a banana and some water.

I never know what dinners going to be.

But thats pretty much one of the most significant changes this week.

Thanks so much for all of the cliff bars and protein and clothes and
stuff. That was awesome, and the mike and ikes of course. I haven’t had
time to write any thank you letters yet I’ve been so busy.

How are you guys?

Love Tay

Me and Elder Sieverts, he’s Uncle Reeds Grandson, we're buds. He’s awesome. Probably the happiest person I’ve ever met in my whole life.

                                                Me and Elder Amisone, love this guy.

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