Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 3 in MTC

Dear Mom and Dad,

Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Unfortunately my doctors
appointment at UVU got scheduled right in the middle of my P-day
emailing time so my companion and I came to the computers early so we
could still get some emails in. I miss you guys, and hope you are
doing well.

The MTC is like a prison, actually in prison you can have visitors so
its even worse in that sense. But Im learning so much and can feel the
spirit all of the time. Constantly, I’ve even been inspired to do
certain things and stuff and its great. Studying the scriptures is my
new favorite activity, they look like I’ve had them for years now and I’ve
got this color coding stuff going on and tons of those clear tags for
lessons and stuff and I write in them so much the margins are too
small. I’ve read probably sixty or so chapters of various books since
I’ve gotten here and they are all over the place and Joseph Smith
translation is awesome, so much more insight. Ive pretty much
memorized Abraham I’ve studied that so much and its amazing how much it
talks about temple symbolism and explains temple symbolism in that
book without explicitly saying anything. Including all the weird stuff
that grandpa even said he doesn’t get yet. Its all right there you just
have to look hard enough.

Been studying up on the plan of salvation to and the spirit has
confirmed some of my really cool theories to me and its just really
cool how everything makes sense.

Learning a lot and studying a ton. I got to hear a devotional from
Holland and Oaks to, those were awesome. Holland is crazy powerful in

Oh yeah the district that I preside over is the best, I love em all
They’re all really cool and make the MTC so much more fun. It gets
pretty crazy at times haha. Theres one elder named Elder Moea'i who
reminds me a ton of Jack and he’s really funny haha. He shared a joke
with us that he came up with the other day that goes like this "How
can you know Adam wasn’t a black man?... Cuz aint no Black man gonna let
someone take his ribs" the funniest part though was that he came up
with it while watching the presentation of the endowment last friday

My zone is awesome though and X came in on wednesday and we hang out
at night with everyone so thats nice to.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Love Tay

Hey Everybody,

I dont have much time to email again this week unfortunately because I
have to go to UVU to get my pelvis and abdomen imaged in a little
while cuz of whatever the heck that thing was two weeks ago.

Im all good though. This weeks been really great. Im learning tongan
pretty well. Its going smoothly. I've taught six or seven lessons now
in Tongan and the last two were without any notes. We just had to talk
off of the top of our head. I think its going pretty well for me and
Im picking it up rather quickly. This monday we start TRC which is
teaching actual people in our mission language over the phone from
tonga, Im pretty nervous about that to be honest.

My zone is the best, they are all so much fun I love em all. My
district is awesome to I love those guys they make everything really
easy. Haha weve talked about all going in on a house to live in for
BYU when we get back, and then renting it out once we leave. We've
gotten pretty tight. I feel like I’ve known them forever. I guess thats
natural though when you spend seventeen hours a day with them for the
past what three weeks now almost.

X entered through the front gates on Wednesday into mission life and
so thats been nice to have him around. He's in my zone to so we have
the same schedule and classroom buildings and residence and stuff so
thats nice.

The provo temple is really cool. Probably one of the ugliest temples I
know of, but its actually really awesome and there’s a painting in
there of I think Moses performing an ordinance and the Tabernacle that
is really cool just to see how nothing has changed since then besides
animal sacrifices because of Christ’s Atonement and what not. Its
really cool.

Oh yeah also Tongan is pretty funny to, its soo easy to mess up and
say something thats sooo off from what you’re trying to say haha.

For example usually all of the missionaries say welcome to the MTC on
Wednesdays to the newbies but they don’t know tongan so its fun to say
other things to them like We're going to smash you and just smiling
and waving and what not. But haha So I’ve been Saying Te U Ta'e
thinking it meant that when actuality Te U Taa'i means that, and so
I’ve been telling all of the new missionaries that I’m going to take a
dump* hahaha. Also Fakalele we’ve been saying for atonement but that
actually means diarhea, atonement is Fakalelei. And one of the elders
in his lesson was trying make small talk with the investigator and
said Feimoa which means to dance, but moa is actually a really old
word for dance and now it means boyfriend or girlfriend so instead he
asked the investigator how their love life was hahahaha.

Anyway overall doing well. Having fun. How are all of you guys doing?

Love Ya'l, Tay

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