Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 2 in MTC

Hey everybody,              

How’s it going? I’ve been doing pretty swell lately. Today was awesome.
MTC food is horrible I’ve lost ten lbs. but feel really cut at least. I
can still backflip. I got to see Bednar speak on Sunday and I got to
see Oaks on Tuesday. No more kidney stones. The temple food here is
delicious. The missionaries flock to the temple for a good breakfast
before a session haha because it is sooo much better than the

Im doing pretty well though overall. Todays been great.

What are all of you guys up to?

Hey mom!

I’m doing really well. No problems spirit is super strong. Its crazy
lots of promptings lots of feelings, its cool. Prayers are really
great. Learning Tongan well. Thanks for the Package! Thank dad too I
forgot to tell him thanks I made sure to eat the mike and ikes during
the endowment today it was great just what I needed. Shorts to are a
big help thanks for those and sending the brown shoes and I can finally where my brown pants and favorite ties now which is sweet.

Anyway im really busy right now so I gotta go.

Love you, Tay

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