Friday, September 18, 2015

First letter from MTC

Malo e lelei!

Whats up? The MTC is pretty great. The food is pretty good and the
chocolate milk is actually heavenly. Jack should serve a mission just
so that he can gain the blessings from the chocolate milk.

Here's a brief summary of whats gone on so far as recorded in my journal:

I absolutely hate roosters! I didnt get any sleep at all the night
before I entered the MTC because those dang birds wouldnt shut their
pie holes. Anyway eventually I got up, checked emails made some phone
calls etc and got ready for the day. Gramma and I then went to
barbara's to visit with her for a little while and then we went down
to the despains so gramps could drive us all down to the MTC & to see
Sam. Sam is cool, he looks really different, his leg looks like a mess
though but he says he'll be ready to go in five months or so. So thats
good. Also Sam told me to make sure I let him know when X and I are
looking for an apartment down there. After we saw Sam we went to Costa
Vida mexican grill to have lunch and I made a phone call to you guys
down there. The phone calls were definitely the hardest part of the
day even though we were worked like mules once we got in, especially
saying goodbye to Nat, I hope she is doing okay. So then I got to the
MTC and I said goodbye to gramma and gramma and grampa and grampa
cried so that was nice. Then this kid named Elder Hassen helped me to
get settled and took my luggage to my room and stuff while I got my
name card and all of that good stuff.

Anyway after all of that I went to class and the teacher refuses still
to speak a lick of english, its been straight tongan the entire time.
But its amazing how much Ive been able to understand and pick up in
the first two days of classes. Tongan is pretty cool and fun to learn.
I am going to be giving my first lesson tonight actually, IN TONGAN.
So thats pretty cool. My companions name is Elder Leseure pronounced
Le swere, hes pretty chill/ cool and we get along well. My district is
flipping awesome Tongans easily have the most fun and we are close
with the samoans to. Samoan & Tongan are like Portuguese and Spanish
it turns out so thats cool. All of the guys in my room and district
are athletes to and pretty good at basketball so thats fun. We get
along well and have fun.

At dinner wednesday night we met a fellow tongan missionary from the
states named Elder Nonu. He grew up over here and told us a story
about how one time his grampa flew over from tonga to visit them and
ended up cooking their family pet dog for dinner without them knowing!
Imagine eating hank without realizing it! So that was funny. Hes a
cool guy.

We had a zone meeting wednesday night and met our zone mission
president, President Willes. Hes a nice older guy who reminds me a ton
of President Hinckley. Anyway we met our Zone leaders that night to
and they both seemed so knowledgable and older than all of us were,
yet when asked we realized they were both months younger than both of
us but had just been here for four weeks. Its crazy how much they all
know after four weeks. Anyway later in the night after President
Willes left they gave us a bunch of tips and what not about how to
survive the MTC. For example only drink the orange juice if you are
really constipated and its completely normal to not be able to poop
for four to five days at a time they said. I havent experienced any of
that yet thankfully.

This place really is amazing though, its a lot of fun and everyone is
really cool, atleast in the polynesion zone. We had a zone prayer last
night and then afterwards recited a scripture verse about bringing the
everlasting gospel to people and everyone was basically yelling and
shouting the verse and then afterwards everyone went crazy and just
started hugging everybody while yelling like war cries and stuff, it
was pretty cool and overwhelming at the same time.

So yesterday was a good day to. Class was fun again and I am learning
so much tongan its really crazy how quickly we are all picking it up
and speaking it. Oh yeah and theres a pull up bar outside of my room
which is nice for the morning. I was able to bear my testimony in
tongan farely well yesterday also. I learned that everyday we have
free gym time! About an hour to lift weights or play basketball or
volleyball or soccer or run. Played basketball the whole time was
really fun.

This is where it went south.

After basketball we went back to our residency to change and shower
and what not and I felt the strangest most uncomfortable sensation in
an area where you do not want to feel those things. I quickly found
out that I couldnt pee easily and then I just wasnt able to for a
decent amount of time. Eventually and with an incredible amount of
pain I was able to go a little bit and I kept trying harder and harder
and it hurt soooooo badly you have no idea and then I passed the first
really tiny kidney stone. And then I passed one more five minutes
later. They both hurt probably as much as when mom was torturing my
arms last fall after that competition.

I have no idea why I would ever get one, All I drink is milk and water
and I make sure not to eat many salty things. Anyway that sucked.

I made sure to have double the amount of chocolate milk in water that
lunch though. After lunch we studied tongan some more independently
and started to prepare our lesson for today.

Last night we had another Zone meeting to determine the district
leaders for the new missionary districts that came in on wednesday.
All of the elders got interviewed and long story short I was asked to
be district leader for the tongan district, which I accepted.
President Willes spoke to and the spirit was really strong.

So the first two days at the MTC were pretty much as awesome as you
could ask for. Im having a great time and learning the language.
Everything here is pretty sweet and the only thing that´s been a sour
experience were those devil stones but Im alright.

Today is P-day and so we went to the provo temple this morning and did
sealings for the dead. Id never done sealings before so that was a
cool experience and you could feel the spirit there. Im getting really
good at praying also. The celestial room in the provo MTC is really
cool to, I liked it a lot, I think I like the Manhattan celestial room
better though. Next friday we are going to do an endowment session
with our district. After the temple my companion and I went to the MTC
store to get some stuff we needed like a laundry bag, I thought I had
a laundry bag packed but havent been able to find it anywhere.

Also the food is good. The bathrooms are incredibly clean for being
public bathrooms and the seats are way comfy.

And since we did sealings after we finish our hour of emails we are
going to have like two hours for gym time before we have to go do
laundry and start preparing our lesson a little more thoroughly for
tonight. I have to read more about district leader responsibilities to
now that I think about it.

Thats pretty much it so far. How is everyone doing.

Also make sure to look up and copy your emails there as
well as on here so that I can read them before I get to the computer
lab so that I will have more time to type. Im going full speed as it
is and would like to say more and email more people. These keyboards
are weird to because theyre modified so that all the regular
penunciation stuff are know letters for other languages and dont type
out what they say they are. So please excuse all of my mistakes and
absence of slashes and question marks and what not.

Alright Ive got to email more people now. How are you guys doing.
Whats everyone up to. Has Jack beaten hogans score in golf yet and has
anyone let hogan beat them in ping pong. Hed probably like that. I
know he did when I let him beat me.


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