Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 82 in Ha'apai and heading to Vava'u

Hey guys, This week has been great. 


Tuesday: Sickkkk. No guda. 

Wednesday: Still sick. I found out why everyone was laughing so hard during our ward council meeting though...

One of our less actives is pretty much universally called Tevita Pupu by the people in this town... but apparently (unkown to me) thats just his nickname. His real name is Tevita Tuifua. But anyway... 

I referred to him as Tevita Puupuu during the meeting, and everyone erupted in laughter. Siale told me on wednesday why: Puu is a really crude way of saying uncircumcised, or calling someone a little child since no one goes under the knife until they're older here. Pretty sure its a curse word. but, when its said together twice like Puupuu, it becomes another curse word that basically means someone is incredibly tiny in that general area... Sooo.... What I actually said is "tic tac dic* Tevita"... Hahaha oops. 

Tongans are very harsh with their nicknames...

Friday: Was overcome with Gratitude for how great my life and family and friends all are. So grateful. I'm a lucky guy. Finally got to listen to the Saturday morning session of conference too, good stuff. Lots of good teachings. Taught an albino man. Cool dude. 

Saturday: Made Pasta again! good stuff. 

Sunday: Transfers, I'm going to VAVA'U! Plane leaves tomorrow. New island ki ai! Gonna be fun. 

It also was really hard saying goodbye to the people here. I'm going to miss them all a lot. Gotten pretty close with em all. Great people. 

All in all, Great week! Hope all of you guys are doing great! 

Ofa atu kiamoutolu, Tay

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