Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 83 in Vava'u

Hey Guys,

This weeks been rough. I got off the plane on Tuesday and it was raining really hard, also the other two elders in the mq below us were staying with us for some reason while they waited to move to their new area. Then, my companion got super sick and was bed ridden for the remainder of the week. I've left the house twice for a combined total of maybe 2 hours, including church... 

Its been very boring, and makes me miss Hihifo in Ha'apai a ton. I'm just hoping I don't get sick now cuz I have a migraine right now... not fun. 

Hopefully good things to come soon. This week I've literally just studied, and I figured out how to solve the rubix cube in four new ways. I just cant wait to finally move into the place after it gets cleaned up and I can feel somewhat more at home. I've gotta go, it hurts my head to look at the screen, sorry I dont have more for you this week. Hopefully more next week. 

I hope your week went well! 

Ofa atu kiamoutolu, Taylor

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