Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 84 in Vava'u

Pretty good week this week. Highlights: 

Tuesday: My comp and I were both finally feeling well and so I finally got to see more of my new area. It is awesome. Huge area, and really cool views. That night I met one of our new members, who is from Hihifo in Ha'apai (my last area). So that was awesome. Got to talk about all my favorite people over there with her. 

Wednesday: We had zone conference with the mission Presidency, and it was great to see so many old missionary friends that I haven't seen in forever since I was in ha'apai. Prez is the coolest too. I love that guy. Want to be like him someday. He's such a great example for all of us. President Fetani (one of presidents counselors) did something about us being proud of representing our countries and had everyone sing their national anthem. New Zealand did the Haka instead. After the meeting Vele'ika had the district leaders give a fakamalo after our food, and so Ieni got up, and he gave his fakamalo in mandarin... haha he threw in little tongan words here and there though and it made it pretty funny. "chinese.... ongo AP.... chinese.... eva noa ia" hahaha we were all dying when he said that. That night we set up two new appointments and got four new investigators, so that was sweet. 

Thursday: Met a woman who is family with Sione Kauvaka, my old ward mission leader from Ohonua so that was cool.

Friday: Watched a pig run in front of a truck and get destroyed. Also, we did a companion exchange and so I went to Tefisi, they had HOT WATER!!! So that was awesome. I took my first hot shower in over seven months. Felt soo good. 

Saturday: Traveled all around Tefisi and talked to a lot of cool people. Tefisi is freaking beautiful. Cool sights. 

Sunday: Mothers day, Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there! Church was good, Fafanga was even better... Our fafanga prepared a massive kaibola for us (feast). And I'm not exaggerating at all, they prepared two full tables of food for the two of us to eat... homemade pizzas, mashed potatoes and ground beef and cheese and crab salad and clamshells and so many other good things. Ice cream and american chocolate cake afterwards. Delicious. I haven't eaten that well in ages. Later that night, we had to go and help the Tefisi boys get a ride, so we rode in the back of Muhus uta truck up there, no hands mom. I love riding in the back of those trucks. I had to use the bathroom while truck bed surfing, and looked at the situation as a challenge to be conquered, and I'll tell you, it wasnt easy to do on those bumpy roads going 50+, but I was succesfull. Good times.

Great week. Hope everyone back there had a great week too. 

ofa atu kiamoutolu katoa! ofa pe ke mou ma'u ha sapate fa'e lelei! Kai ke mate, oua fo'i!​


Some more pics of our Zone Conference

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