Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 80 & 81 in Ha'apai

Good couple weeks: 

Quick rundown: 

Two weeks ago: Had a family home evening where the lady gave a 12 minute prayer..... I'm not even kidding, the Dad of the household and the investigator both fell asleep during the prayer... I kept looking up and looking around because I couldnt believe it. I think she asked for blessings for everyone in the town... I specifically remember her even talking about the inmates at the local prison. That was interesting. 

One of our investigators is a straight angel from heaven. Awesome!

On sunday one of our member kids just walked into our mq unannounced, and set our dinner on the table (it was 10 am), opened and took a drink out of our fridge and left, all without saying anything haha. Tonga. 

Easter Weekend was awesome. Three feasts were had. Lots of delicious awesome food. Good stuff. We ate with the area seventy also so that was cool. 

This week:

On monday, we were told that one of our members sons was in the hospital after trying to commit suicide... that was sad, we went straight to our bishop and informed him though, and then the three of us went to the hospital. The family asked us to give him a blessing while he was still in critical condition. It was the hardest blessing I've ever given in my entire life, and will probably hold that place until I die. Not because I was speaking or because of the situation or anything like that though. His bed was against two walls, and his head was in the corner while he laid down. Pisope stood right next to him, then my comp, and then me.. so in order to get my hands onto his head, I was leaning super far over his bed, balancing on one foot like a ballerina and stretching all the way out with my chest parallel to the floor. Try doing that for a three minute blessing.... my body was shaking tremendously and my side killed afterwards haha. But it was all worth it. Right after the blessing, the kid sat up in his bed, and immediately demanded some milk. All was well.   

ALSOOOO WE ATE PASTA FOR FAFANGA!!! Fafanga wasnt lava so we went to the store and found american pasta sauce. Del Monte, the good stuff. So we bought it not knowing how to cook it cuz how could we pass that up, and some noodles. Thirty minutes of trying to figure out how to heat it up with only a teapot... but it worked, and we had the best pasta meal that I've had in nearly two years. It was sooooooo good. We ate a pound of pasta in under four minutes. Good stuff.

Ate octopus again at one of our fafangas. Delicous stuff. 

Found out one of my old investigator families is getting baptized soon. Good stuff. 

Oh, and yesterday I found myself wondering whether or not Creed from the office was ever mentioned traveling to Tonga.  Because, I've recently started buying onions to un-bland the food we eat in our mq. When theres nothing much to eat, onion makes the crackers better believe it or not. And so yesterday our knives were missing, and so I'd take a bite out of the onion, and then the crackers..... and it reminded me of the office episode where they bet whether or not Creed will notice the difference between an apple and an onion or a potato. Cuz I can now say I've done that. Little bites of course. 

Anyway good weeks. 

Ofa atu kiamoutolu, Elder DeSpain

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  1. Oh that adaptability of Great to hear that nothing gets you down and you certainly go with the flow...bite of onion then cracker...yikes!! Your love for the people you teach and the gospel shines through in every line!! Lots of love, Sister Jones Morton