Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 77 & 78 in Ha'apai

Hey everybody, 

The past couple of weeks have been good. Slower than usual so theres not a whole lot to say, but its still been pretty good. Mostly me and my new comp have just been getting to know each other more and more and having tons of great conversations and good laughs. Its been really fun. 

Gardiner and Grant flew to Vava'u two weeks ago, so we've been missing them.  Last saturday, we went to a stake service project and helped to build a new church at the prison for Ha'apai. There were sooo many members there though and not enough tools, and Tongans, being how they are, wouldn't let any of us work. So we just watched a church get built and then afterwards the prison warden and people invited us to attend a big feast. That was fun. 

On monday, we had a family home evening with a new family in our area. They invited one of me and Grants old investigators to be taught (Tonga, who we prepared to be baptized but then his dad stopped it), so I led the family home evening focusing on the family and him, but then Tevita and Siale kinda honed in on Tonga and said a bunch of stuff and made promises about what he can gain from listening to the missionaries and so on. It was really awkward because he and I were the only ones that knew he had already been taught everything, and so yeah, it was awkward. When I finally had a chance to speak I said that and their faces went embarrassed as. Haha. Yeah... 

We go and pet our pet horse Shilo everyday near Mele Vaivelas house. 

We've started doing our studies in the AC in pisopes office at the church instead of in our mq because its sooo freaking hot. Thats nice. 

Got interviewed by President on thursday, and that was great. I love Prez. He told me a bunch of really cool stuff and it was just awesome. Then on Friday we had our zone conference with all of them. It was cool to go to the wharf and hangout with the APs too. It was nice to catch up with Pakalani and Soakai. The meeting was great. They did a funny activity where they had us all form a tunnel and hold a string in between us, representing mists and darkness or whatever (tree of life comparison), then they had the zones blindfolded and the APs were supposed to guide them through the path so that they didnt hit the string. But the funny thing was that once they got blindfolded we took away the string and so Paka and Soakai were just getting them to do a whole bunch of funny dumb stuff for no reason until they made it to the tree of life. It was hilarious. The rest of the meeting was great too. Makes me want to be more like President he's the best. Sister Tui'one is the best too. I'm so grateful for the both of them. Such great people and such great examples. 

Also, perhaps the happiest and most awesome moment of the past two weeks: we showed up to fafanga at the new member family's house, and they had mashed potatoes prepared...... I haven't eaten those since I left. It was heaven. I ate three whole plates full of only mashed potatoes. It was sooo good, delicious. Man I miss american food so much. It was awesome. 

Finished the book of mormon another time, started again. 

Yesterday we went to a priesthood leadership meeting, and it was hilarious. I wish I could elaborate but you just had to be there. Siale and I were replaying it over and over again last night in the mq and couldnt stop laughing. Really funny stuff. Good couple weeks. The works a little slow. But we're still making the best of it. 

Hope you guys are all doing well. 

Ofa Atu, Tay

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