Friday, March 31, 2017

Week 76 in Ha'apai

This week was pretty good. Rained a lot.

Tons of good stuff. Brief Summary:

Monday: We were finally able to talk with Melaia again, and it was one
of my favorite lessons ever. Easily one of the best. She speaks
perfect english, so Elder Grant didn't have any problem saying what he
needed to, but the rest of the conversation went smoothly in Tongan.
We taught her about the restoration and she couldnt stop smiling. She
had so many questions about why all these churches here do so many
different things and it was awesome to just see her eyes light up when
the lightbulb went off. At the end of the lesson we shared the first
vision with her, and it was so powerful. I asked her what she felt
during it and she spent a good five minutes telling us about how she
had never felt so much peace and warmth inside her heart before. It
was so cool. I explained to her about how that was the holy ghost
testifying to her of truth, and she had another light bulb go off. It
was way fun. I love teachings like that. She asked us to speak again
the next day.

Tuesday: Witnessed one of the chinese store owners jump over his
counter and chase down a little tongan kid that had stolen a dollar
soda. Was pretty funny actually.

Wednesday: Had some more great teachings with some new investigators,
then at the end of the day we went on a companion exchange with the
zone leaders. Elder Gardiner has these really cool blowdarts, like
legit hunting blowdarts... I didnt even know that was a real thing...
Anyway I played around with that for a good while. Really fun.
Snagging lizards and so on. Gardiner woke up one night with Vele'ika
and Tai pointing two of the dart guns at his bed, there was a rat, and
it got killed with darts. Fun to hunt with them haha. Anyway, that
night Gardiner and I went back to Hihifo to start the exchange and we
had a good time, we actually ended up having a really great talk that
went on for nearly 7 hours!! Didnt even realize it until we looked at
the clock at 4:50 am... Jeesh. Good talk though. I have incredible
blackmail material on him now hahaha. Man I love that guy.

Thursday: A dog tore my nice slippers to shreds...dangit.

Friday: Had an awesome teaching with the doctor at the Ha'apai
hospital. Cool guy. I love teaching people with lots of questions.

Saturday: Locked ourselves out of the MQ and learned how to brake in
with a knife and hanger.

Sunday: Two of our recent converts were given the priesthood last
week, so they got to help us with the sacrament during church. That
was cool. Also transfers. Elder Grant is getting moved to Vava'u.
Lucky dude. I'm staying and being comps with Elder Siale from Arizona.
He's a cool guy so it should be fun. He gets here later today.

Anyway thats the week.

Ofa Atu kiate kimoutolu Fakafo'ituitui!! Mou fai lelei, fakatefito kia
Luke! Oua toe faikovi he fale ako! masi'i., Taylor

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