Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 74 in Ha'apai

Was a pretty good week. Lots and lots of rain.

Weekly events

One of our members told me on monday "DESPAIN,,, I LOVE YOU". It was Saia Taufa, an older awesome member, and when he's trying to get his point across emphatically he tries to speak in english haha so that was awesome. Great guy. 

Tuesday: came up with "instant pasta" instead of instant noodles while eating my cup of noodles. Would be way cool. Instead of adding spices, add spiced pasta sauce. Also had a really cool experience during a family home evening where I was given what I needed to say on the spot. 

Wednesday: finished teaching a kid named Tamafua and had him interviewed for baptism, then after the zones left, found out that the kid was actually eight years old, and is a ward baptism haha. well, at least that kid really knows what repentance means now, we spent a good while on that. 

Friday: Baptized some of our investigators, and got ice cream with all the crazy kids after. Our bishop is the best. 

Saturday: Taught a minister for the Penticostal church, met a lot of cool people. 

Sunday: Got to confirm our investigators that were baptized on friday. 

Good week. Hope you guys are all well. Ofa Atu, Taylor DeSpain,

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