Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 17 on the Island of Eua

Hey guys,

It was great to hear from you this week. Im typing this as fast as I can because the internet is really slow today. For some reason my journals were loading fine but LDS mail hasn't been able to load or
send anything. I was able to read most of your emails though. I fly into Tonga for MLC tomorrow so I'll probably get the package then, that will be great thanks so much.
The internet really slow. Been waiting to send this for like thirty minutes now.

Thats it for now. I'm going to go climb a coconut tree and get some coconuts.

Love you guys, Tay

After our appointments today we stopped by to visit Sione and his family. Before we left they pulled out 2 woven mats for us that they made themselves. They said we have been so nice to their family with birthday gifts and Christmas presents, that they wanted to make something for each of us. It was very nice of them, I'm sure it probably took them a while to make.

We found out that one of our neighbors tore down their entire house this morning. About 4 days later we were close to the same place and noticed they had built a whole new house already. Went up real quick. Take a look-

We've been preparing Alipate for his baptism and his baptismal interview. President Tupou came and interviewed him, about halfway through the interview a big earthquake shook the whole house. It was big, the walls shook back and forth multiple inches it seemed and we shook back and forth. It was kinda sweet. It was cool because you could hear it coming and then after it went through the house you could hear it traveling behind us. Finished interview with Alipate and then we headed home after filling out his baptismal record.

 The baptism service for Alipate was held at 5 the next day, it went really well. Erickson baptized him and there were some good spiritual thoughts shared beforehand. The bishop told us afterwards that there were more people attending his baptism today than he has seen in 11 years as Pisope in this ward. That was pretty cool to hear. 

Alipate showing us again how to climb and get coconuts down.

I finished the Book of Mormon again today. I really love Moroni Chapter 7. It's a great chapter about faith. I feel like I'm a real missionary lately. Not the junior companion that struggles with communicating with members. It feels good, and I feel more useful and responsible. Today has been a good day. 

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