Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 19 on the Island of Eua

New pic just arrived from a newly returned sister missionary. Thanks Lupe!

Hey Mom!

I hope you guys are doing well. I am doing alright. This weeks been really stressful and difficult. But its alright. I got transfered to Ohonua, and I'm training Elder Tafoya right now. Its been a little difficult but you can read about that in my Journal. Good news though, I'm feeling more fluent in Tongan, its great.

Good to hear that everyone is still having fun and being crazy, and that you and Heather still go running all the time. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon. I was pumped when Hogan told me that the Broncos won. I 
was so glad they did. Thats awesome for Peyton.

I hope Jack gets well soon. That stinks. Good that I'll be able to wish Hoag a happy birthday on his birthday. Thats sweet.

I love you a ton mom, I hope youre doing well and that you enjoy my
journal this week.

Love you, Tay

Only 2 pics this week, but here is  a bit from his journal:

Kind of sad to leave the Tongomamao ward. I'm on the same Island though. Kinda nervous to be in charge of Ohonua now. Training, and a new companion, I've only been out for 3 transfers too, that's pretty flipping short to train someone. Or to be a senior comp and to whitewash a whole new area. Going to be interesting. The Pakalani's picked us up and we road in the back of their truck to the wharf to pickup our new companions. Elder Tafoya is my new companion, he came over on the mission boat from the main Island. Training is going to be flipping hard. It's probably going to be one of the hardest things I do out here. I'm doing all the speaking for both of us since Tafoya is pretty much straight from the MTC. It will be hard but will be good for me. My new companion is from Saratoga Springs, UT. I dont know him very well yet, but he seems like a hard worker.

Only pic I have of Elder Tafoya.

I'm pretty homesick for my old area right now. I miss all the relationships I've formed in Tongamamao. Sad that I can't be there for Finau's baptism. I will miss them all.

Here is a map of my new area.

Here is a link to where Taylor is on the Island. Little village of Ohonua, if you want you can zoom out and see where this is from the Main Island.,+Tonga/@-21.3434919,-174.9568582,2637m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x71f4b4d1a9d80c55:0xe32c6e6b2f6fbdf8!6m1!1e1

My MQ (mission quarters) is almost right on the beach and you can see the beach wherever you are in this area. 

We headed to the church to meet with Pisope (bishop) Havea. The meeting was awesome, we got to know a lot about him and what's going on in the area. He also got to know a lot about us. We set up baptismal dates for the next 4 months and set up dates to meet about the ward mission plan. I felt fifty times better about working and training here after that meeting. It's crazy to me how much I understand, I don't think I've missed nearly anything in 3 days. I've been able to say everything I've wanted to without much difficulty. 

At church today we greeted everyone in the chapel with handshakes before sacrament meeting. We ended up being asked to speak at the end of the meeting. The meeting was great and we also were given a couple names of new investigators that want to meet with us. The members here are great they are involved. Coming to Ohonua is like starting my mission all over again except that I know the language. 

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  1. Oh Taylor I know you will be great! Just keep being humble and obedient and the Lord will help you with the rest.