Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 18 on the Island of Eua

Hey Mom and Dad,

I’m doing well. Trying to get everything sent out but the internet
is so slow and google drive wont even open. I wish there was a way that I could get my notes onto the computer without taking a thousand
pictures and uploading them.

Glad you were able to see the MLC pics haha. Sister Tupou was taking them and I thought to myself about how Mom’s going to be all over that. Thank you for the package too by the way. I got it on Wednesday and it was great, everything was inside it. Do you guys think I’m going to die out here? haha. I really enjoyed all the candy and just busted open the cliff bars today, thanks.

 Had a great time on the main island and got to hang out with a lot of other missionaries, it has been fun. Also had some great lessons this week and I can feel  that I’ve really been teaching with the spirit. Coming up with awesome questions. Its great. I set a goal to be the best teacher in the mission by the time I’m done.

That’s awesome that Luke got sponsored. I bet he's pumped about that. That’s so cool.

I’m trying to get my notes to upload but the internet stinks. I climbed a
coconut tree last P-day and got some coconuts to drink. It was fun, I hope you can get those pics.

Hope you are doing well. Love you all,

 Love Tay

Some parts from his journal:

We made some cookies to give to Sulietis family, that took longer than expected we used the sun to melt the butter outside on the metal sima house. We delivered them and found out the best news, she told us her husband is returning from Australia this week instead of in May. So I really hope I'm still here after this transfer. We find out about transfers on Monday. I can't wait to teach her husband also, and bring the whole family to church. 

Afterwards we went back to our MQ to write our testimonies in the triple combination that we got Alipate and then we went and gave it to him. 

I am definitely coming back to Eua someday to hangout with all the members and friends. I love this area. Finau's lesson was fantastic. I love teaching. It was so great we read 2 Nefai 31 with her today and then reminded her of what we taught in our first lesson together. It was a great lesson, Finau was highlighting in her scriptures and taking notes during the lesson and had a huge smile on her face the whole time, she was happy to answer all of our questions and open up to us. It was great. I brought up how the first time that we taught her she was clearly a little afraid to talk to us and was uncomfortable. I told her it was very clear to see how much she has learned and changed already, she loved hearing that. I feel like she's understanding and feeling the spirit. Seeing lives change because of what we are sharing is the best, most satisfying feeling. I love it, and I love this work. 

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  1. Oh Taylor! I love hearing how you love the people and your missionary work!!❤️❤️