Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 1

Hey Mom and Dad,

     I am staying on Eua Island, its in the Tongamama'o area. The Island that I’m on is an exact replica of Lost once you get out to the far sides, literally looks like it was filmed here. 

     How are you? I am struggling, this is so much harder than I ever imagined it would be. There is no wi-fi on Eua and there is little time allowed for emails. Its really hard not to be able to tell you guys everything I want to. My companion is the District leader so we will flying back to Nuku'alofa once a month for meetings. Then I will be able to send more info. and some pictures.

     Tonga is a very interesting place, the poorest place that I’ve ever seen in my life. All of the houses have holes in the walls and dirt floors that they put plastic down on the ground, and on holes in the roofs. There are pigs and dogs everywhere. I don’t understand anyone and I shower with a bucket each day. We have to buy water so we don’t die, it’s rough. Our meal from the ward the other night was 8 crackers and peanut butter.

     I’m trying hard to stay focused on the work, and I really do give it my all throughout the day, and we get a lot done. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

Pray for me, I love you.

Love, Tay 


  1. Becky--that is tough. We will pray for him too.

  2. WOW. so humbling! Proud of him! Sending love and prayers his way!

  3. Oh he will grow so much. I'm praying every day for him❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hi, I came across this blog through a friend that posted a link on Facebook. I actually just left Tonga about a week before this Elder arrived. I'm half Tongan from the US and I served in the Amazon of Brasil, so I know a thing or ten about what you (Elder) are experiencing. May I offer the suggestion to have an open mind, heart, and be so busy in the work. My mission, too, was the hardest thing I ever did. Lost in the work won't allow you to feel sorry for yourself or be almost judgmental of the circumstances and the people you were called to serve. If you run into the Van Den Akkers, they are service missionaries, Sister Van D is a cousin of my mom's. Have a great time in the Kingdom! Leave behind any expectations and just get to work! It is obviously different from home but it is your home for the next bit of your life. ;)