Monday, June 19, 2017

Weeks 87, 88,and 89 in Vava'u

Letters are getting shorter and shorter, less and less info. Internet didnt work last week. I asked him to sum up the last 3 weeks. Here it is-

These past couple of weeks have been pretty good. Things that have happened. 

Got a nice new haircut. Possibly my last one in Tonga. Thats weird. Ate some delicious spit roasted pig for dinner. Had a service project in Tefisi. Grant and I got to talk about old times and have some great conversations. The service project was at the queens palace here in Vava'u. Cleaned up the grounds basically. It started raining halfway through though and we all got soaked. Fun service project though. We saw a yacht there in the Neiafu harbor that had a helicopter on it. The Governor was at the service project and he told us that that yacht has a submarine in the bottom of it and that it belongs to some billionaire from new zealand. Cool boat.

Sometimes I wish we ate something other than bread for breakfast, but we got hot sauce the other day and so thats been amazing. I honestly dont get very hungry at all anymore, we've eaten so little that I can go a whole day without eating and still feel fine since my stomach has already shrunken so much. I dont like how skinny its making me though. I think but I've lost all the good weight. I tried on my new comps pants the other day, and they were loose on me at a 30" waist.... I havent worn a 30" waist since before highschool I think so... thas no guda.

Made real american pasta again. Delicious. 

Last P-day we got a call for transfers and I found out that I'm going to finish my mission here in Leimatu'a, and that Elder Poulsen is going to be my last companion. So thats awesome. It's been great. P-day the internet was dead at the church so we didn't get to write home, but Poulsen came over so that was cool. Its been great. Very nice to work with someone again that wants to work, or I should say, is enthusiastic/motivated about the work. So thats a blessing. Nothing against my last comp, he was the man, just a little tired of being in the same area for six months I guess. On the other hand, Poulsen is super excited to be out of his last area, and onto a new area he was there a while. 

Oh yeah, Grant and Harmon came over to net at our church but the net was dead like I said, so we all had a movie day and watched "The work and the Glory" series. Good movies, but made me more excited to be around girls again and start dating. 

On tuesday I tried a new drink Poulsen told me to get from new zealand that everyone apparently says is delicious. It was called sparkling Pineapple something. Wasnt bad. That was interesting, tasted like pineapple soda though. 

Oh yeah, On wednesday this past week I met KOLIPOKI. Elder Groberg in the movie "the other side of heaven". I know, I'm just as surprised as you are that he's still alive. Cool experience though.

All in all things are going great. I'm loving it out here and having a lot of fun with my new comp. 

Also the work is starting to pick and we've had a lot of good lessons this past week. 

Sorry no pics. Ofa atu kiamoutolu, Tay

see you all in five weeks!

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