Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 90 in Vava'u

This week has been quite an interesting one.

Poulsen and I have gotten to know each other a lot more and it's been great. Lots and lots of talks about baseball and travel ball and old memories. Made me miss baseball a ton but it was good. 

We also ran into some kids on wednesday that would not leave us alone. We tried everything. And so finally I gave in and said alright lets play, and then we preceded to play dodgeball with four year olds using soccerballs. Tongan kids are really tough, so when we would peg them they would just laugh.  They loved it.

Also, that same day, we were visiting with a less active woman, and she asked me what I was doing after my mission, and then told me that I could have her daughter......"E atu a eku ta'ahine ke mo mali" or in english "Take my daughter to wife." So that was interesting. More so when I found out the daughter was only 16 years old!!! I thought she was way older. Yikes.

We got to see a very different church service on wednesday night that made me think a lot of the Saviors sermon on the mount. They projected a devil animation onto the wall entitled "HELL IS REAL" with the intent to scare people into being good and keeping the commandments. It was awful, babies and little kids were crying while watching it. I thought to myself "Fear is only ever a tool of the devil" and couldnt imagine Jesus ever trying to get his followers to follow him by scaring them. Then they all went into the church hall, and even out on the road and started yelling their prayers up at the sky, and they were yelling for a long long long time. It made me think of Mathew 6:1-8. I was just amazed at it all. 

We taught a bunch of little kids, a new guy named Fate (pronounced fa tay), and had some other really good lessons. Had a cool program at the church on friday, and the works started to pick up also. 

We witnessed a massive fight of 15+ people at the corner where we live two days ago. I've never seen anything like it before. Absolutely crazy. The punches sounded exactly like fake punches in the movies. Tons of kids got messeddd up really bad. At one point two kids were throwing big rocks at each other. A dad also came in at one point and threw down the hammer. It was crazy. 

All in all its been interesting. The scenarios we've found ourselves in have produced plenty of entertainment, spiritual experiences, and laughter.

Hope you guys have had an awesome week! 

Ofa atu, Taylor

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  1. Never thought I would be laughing so hard reading a missionary blog!! :) No one has ever said serving a mission was boring!! Love the scripture references and your love of the gospel and of the people you teach!! Love, Sister Jones Morton