Friday, June 2, 2017

Week 86 in Vava'u

Hey everybody, sorry this is a short one not much exciting happened this week. 

On tuesday we walked eight miles in the pouring rain from district meeting back to our area. Soaked. At one point we used giant Taro leaves as umbrellas. Wish I took a picture of that. 

On friday we met a man named Sione Kuila, he was so excited to see me, a white guy from america, that he pulled out his wallet and started showing us all his american stuff... including his greencard, and even his social security card... I know his social security number now 575-73-*&% hahah. If I ever decide to be a felon it could come in handy. Jk. That was interesting though. We had an awesome teaching with a new family that day also. 

Later in the day I was filling up waterbottles from our neighbors tank, and I came back into the house to find a little downsyndromed man sitting on our floor eating some ufi hahah. He said a prayer for us and then we left.

But all in all, its been a great week. Hope you all had a nice one as well. 

Ofa Atu, Tay

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